Youth Boards

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All applications are due August 1. Contact Kelly Gentry, 405-640-0808 .  

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Teen Board
Big Brothers Big Sisters Oklahoma Teen Board is a non-profit organization that provides vulnerable children with a caring adult mentor and friend who, through a professionally-supported relationship, stand in the gap to change their lives.
Teen Board members participate in activities that allow them to connect to the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission, and give them experience in leadership, volunteering, event planning, public relations and collaboration with other teen leaders from different schools in the Greater Oklahoma City area. Members of the Teen Board learn about the powerful impact of mentoring in our community. Members will participate in and help coordinate many BBBS activities, including the organization’s primary fundraiser, Bowl for Kids’ Sake. Application
  1. Applicants must be enrolled high school students in Oklahoma County
  2. Teen Board members will be asked to sign a Commitment Form.
  3. Those selected for the Teen Board must attend orientation
  4. Teen Board members are required to attend 75% of the meetings/activities

For more information contact: Christina.Hightower

For the last 26 years, Rotary District 5750 has held the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) conference for the north-western quadrant of Oklahoma.  Casady is in the northwestern quadrant district.  

Casady has been matched with a nearby Rotary Club or with the district itself.  We are looking for students that have potential, however, could use some help getting there.  We have a unique program that not only teaches the hands-on skills of a group leader, but also leads students to discover who they are and what skills they have to be a person of character that others want to follow. Some clubs may wish to interview the students.  The clubs cover all costs, so the camp is free for students, acceptance via e-mail. 
Children’s Hospital released their application for Junior Volunteer summer program for high school students who are either 16 or 17 years old. Contact person Kathy McCracken Executive Director Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Teen board plans and implements one fundraising effort a year and promotes the Children Miracle Network mission, vision, and purpose. Teens have the opportunity to develop leadership and service skills.  Students also build a professional network from diverse backgrounds and group affiliations. Members learn to be accountable for the ongoing support of Oklahoma sick children.  Contact Nona Merriman for application and details.405-271-1175,

Citizens Caring for Children 
Serves children living in foster care in central Oklahoma by providing clothing, personal hygiene kits and books four times per year, hosting a Back2School event, and partnering with DHS and KFOR to fill Christmas wish lists during Joy4Kids.
  • Citizens Caring for Children extend the opportunity of leadership and service to Oklahoma City high school students through their Teen Board. The board is comprised of outstanding students from OKC high schools who have a passion to serve, lead, and help children in the foster care system. The Citizens Caring for Children Teen Board teens have the opportunity to participate in leadership training, fundraising events, service learning opportunities, and acquire volunteer service hours. 
  • Citizens Caring for Children has 3-4 spots on their Teen Board for Casady students.
  • Interested students request an application. Return completed and signed application by email to, or by mail. Students may also hand deliver their application. 
  • For questions contact, Director of Development or Abby Allred, Summer Intern at (405) 753-4099.

This board is an opportunity to gain experience in leadership, volunteering, event planning, meeting planning, public relations, and collaboration with other teen leaders. 


We are looking for high school seniors to partner with metro area schools and are recruiting 10-12 students. Open to high school seniors - must be in top 30% of class selected based on class standing, involvement in extra-curricular activities in and out of school, student essay, teacher/administrator recommendation.

Two hour long meetings are held five times during the school year. Dates are determined once participating schools are identified. All meetings are held at the Oklahoma City Branch unless otherwise specified. Students must provide their own transportation, but can be reimbursed.
Students must submit an application, which includes an essay and teacher/administrator letter of recommendation.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Foster an understanding of the primary functions of the Federal Reserve Bank and the local economy 
  • Develop financial responsibility and money management skills
  • Encourage a commitment to excellence
  • Introduce potential career paths and outline the steps necessary to achieve those goals

The Kansas City office piloted this program last year with two local schools. Please see their website for a recap:

FEMA Youth Preparedness Council
Are you a 12- to 17-year-old who makes a difference in your community’s disaster preparedness? Have you experienced a disaster that motivated you to make a positive difference in your community?  

FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) is a unique opportunity for youth leaders to serve on a highly distinguished national council; to complete self-selected youth preparedness projects; to voice their opinions, experiences, ideas, solutions and questions on youth disaster preparedness with the leadership of FEMA and national organizations working on youth preparedness and to participate in the Youth Preparedness Council Summit. 
Please note that this year, FEMA will only consider applications submitted directly by the applicant. Nominations for eligible candidates will no longer be accepted. Applications must include responses to all the information requested in the application form and two (2) letters of recommendation.

Applicants must be between 12 and 17 years old at the time they apply (applicants who will turn 18 during the Council’s term are still eligible). The application can emphasize youth disaster preparedness activities that the applicant has participated in or can be related to a disaster the applicant has experienced. The application should describe specific emergency situations and/or examples of disaster preparedness activities that would qualify the applicant to serve on the Council.
Sample preparedness activities may include but are not limited to:
  • Teen CERT training
  • Citizen Corps programs
  • After-school activities
  • Youth preparedness activities through a faith-based group
  • Disaster preparedness camps
  • Youth club activities (e.g., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)
  • National Preparedness Month participation
  • Increasing local disaster awareness
  • Rural area preparedness activities
  • Using social media to further disaster preparedness
  • Pet/service animal preparedness
  • Underrepresented community programs
Application Process
To apply, you must submit a completed application form and two (2) letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation must be from an adult who can speak to the applicant’s preparedness- and/or disaster-related experience. The second letter of recommendation can be from any adult, age 18 or older. Examples of adults who might write letters of recommendation include group leaders, parents, guardians, community first responders or teachers. Applications that do not include two (2) letters of recommendation will not be reviewed. Specific information about completing and submitting the application form, letters of recommendation, and optional supplemental materials can be found on the application form and application instructions.
Applications will be reviewed by national and regional FEMA staff. New Youth Preparedness Council members will be announced.
GovDelivery is providing this information on behalf of U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and may not use the information for any other purposes.

Focus on Home

 The Focus on Home Mission…” To serve families in need by providing the means for a dignified home, creating a clearer path towards a stronger future."

To do this, Focus on Home collaborates with other organizations to identify deserving families in need of gently used, donated furniture and household goods.  Focus on Home goes far beyond filling furniture gaps, helping to ensure the healthy development of children by creating warm, comfortable homes where families can live, love and grow strong.

Focus on Home is a 501(c)(3) organization.  The Focus on Home Mission…” To serve families in need by providing the means for a dignified home, creating a clearer path towards a stronger future."  To do this, Focus on Home collaborates with other organizations to identify deserving families in need of gently used, donated furniture and household goods.  Focus on Home goes far beyond filling furniture gaps, helping to ensure the healthy development of children by creating warm, comfortable homes where families can live, love and grow strong. 

The Focus on Home teen board will be responsible for a fundraiser, donation drive and furniture placement days.  The students will be required to complete 20 community service hours and attend regular monthly meetings. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Abby Tompkins, Teen Board Director @ Focus on Home at 405-395-7013. 

Infant Crisis Services

To raise awareness about Infant Crisis Services within the community and to raise funds to help feed needy babies and toddlers. Teen Associate Board Members do this by soliciting donations and sponsorships for the auction they host.

OKC Beautiful

OKC Beautiful Teen Board is a unique opportunity for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to connect with the community as well as their environment.  The purpose of the OKC Beautiful Teen Board is to bring a team of high school students together to aid OKC Beautiful and make their city a better place to live, work, and play.  The Teen Board seeks to encourage personal growth and the development of skills required of good leaders.  All Teen Board members are expected to adhere to the standards of OKC Beautiful and to uphold our mission.  OKC Beautiful is a nonprofit organization working to improve the image and appearance of Oklahoma City through programs, education and community engagement. Teen board members will meet once a month and will participate in learning opportunities, service projects, and a fundraiser. If you have any questions email:

Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association

OEDA is looking for high school students who have the desire to be leaders, work in the community, promote positive body image, and spread awareness of eating disorders.
Members of this newly formed Teen Board will be given the opportunity to gain real world experience in public speaking and community outreach, earn community service hours, build their resumes, and learn about how nonprofit organizations function. Teen Board members can also receive letters of recommendations for their college applications.

This program is designed to give students leadership opportunities in the field of eating disorders. Meetings will be focused on planning events for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, promoting positive body image, and learning about eating disorders and nonprofit organizations.

Our Teen Board Members assist OEDA by spreading awareness on high school campuses statewide.

For more information, contact Ms. Venus Heidari directly at (405) 651-3009. OEDA Teen Board Director.

OK Hall of Fame

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board  
This teen board 
was started in 2007.   The Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board gives 9-12 grade students the opportunity to promote Oklahoma pride in the community and state, while at the same time learn skills like event planning, fund-raising and collaborative group work. Students also have the opportunity to meet and have discussions with notable Oklahomans throughout their term.

The Teen Board is responsible for planning and implementing an annual fund-raiser to benefit the education programs of the Organization and Museum. The board meets once a month from August through March. Since its inception, our Teen Board has raised over $160,000 giving back to the museum’s free field trip program and providing an annual cash scholarship for the state-wide Oklahoma Scholarship Competition.

Oklahoma Heritage Association Teen Board 
 Board members promote pride in the community and state, while learning valuable real-world skills. Students meet notable Oklahomans and participate in Association and Museum programming. The Teen Board is responsible for planning and implementing an annual fundraiser to benefit the education programs of the Association and Museum. Students serve after an application and interview process, and work throughout their term to promote the mission of the Association and Museum. Students serve a term from August through April, with their annual fundraiser taking place in March. To apply for the board, students must be in grades 9 through 12 in Oklahoma. It's preferred that students have previous leadership and volunteer experience, either through school or another organization. In addition to attending monthly meeting
s in the fall and twice-monthly meetings in the spring, each member of the Teen Board is responsible for serving on a committee, raising sponsorship dollars and in-kind donations. Though the commitment to serve on the board officially begins in the fall, several social events will take place over the summer to help students get to know each other. For application contact Corie Baker at 405.523.3212 or

OK Humane Society

There are 24 members each year. Selected after completing an online application and interview process. Teen board members are expected to serve a one year term with the term beginning in September and ending in May. The board will be responsible for planning a special event to benefit the Central OK Humane Society. The board members are required to attend a minimum of 7 out of 9 meetings. The monthly meeting time will be the same each month. Members are responsible for sending a letter of resignation if they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities to the board. Verification of volunteer hours will be provided and, if requested, letters of recommendation to colleges or employers can be made available. 

OK Kids Korral Youth Board 
Cyclone Board Members:  Sanjay R.'18 and Tucker Nelson '19

OK Kids Korral helps make life a little easier for children with cancer by providing a safe, convenient, and hopeful place for families to connect with each other and focus on the well being of their child. OK Kids Korral provides daytime and overnight lodging for pediatric patients and their families. 
The Toby Keith Foundation
The Foundation started a Teen Board program in 2015 to attract a dynamic, service-oriented group of young people who have an interest in helping The Toby Keith Foundation with OK Kids Korral and making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer.  Request the application from Lauren Polchinski, Development Associate, The Toby Keith Foundation, Development Office, 818 N.E. 8th Street, OKC, OK 73104, (405) 271-8001 ext. 30802 . 

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)

Program designed to educate Oklahoma youth about the non-profit profession, how non-profits work, and how teens can be philanthropists who work alongside non-profits in identifying community issues and achieving solutions while using OMRF's biomedical research mission as a backdrop to illustrate the importance of philanthropy.  The focus is philanthropic leadership.  Students will learn leadership principles, earn service hours and gain experience in a fundraising project of their own design. The program will meet monthly alternating between day and evening sessions throughout the year.  Oklahoma students are invite to apply and up to 40 will be chosen.  Contact  Kelly McGuire Office: 405-271-7230  Fax: 405-271-7199, Mobile: 405-821-7206, email;  Selection by application and personal interview.

Payne Education Center’s Teen Board will educate teens about what Payne is doing to help children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties in the community.  The Payne Teen Board offers unique opportunities for teenagers to contribute to the Oklahoma City community in a meaningful way, while allowing them to build resume credits and real world experience.
The Teen Board has monthly meetings.  Payne Education Center’s Teen Board will educate teens about what Payne is doing to help children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.  The Payne Teen Board offers unique opportunities for teenagers to contribute to the Oklahoma City community in a meaningful way, while allowing them to build resume credits and real world experience.

 The Teen Board has up to 15 members each year.
              Members are selected after completing an application and interview process.
              We are looking for mature, compassionate, responsible teens that enjoy working with other people.
              Teen board members are expected to serve a term beginning in November and ending in March.
              The board will be responsible for planning a special event to benefit the Payne Education Center.
              The board members are required to attend 4 meetings. 
              Members are responsible for attending the special event that is planned for February.

 Verification of volunteer hours will be provided and, if requested, letters of recommendation to colleges.
 Please email Dana Schwarz or call at 405-831-9998.  

Smart Start Central Oklahoma Youth Board 

"Smart Start Central Oklahoma is happy to announce the installment of its first ever Teen Advisory Board. The Smart Start Teen Advisory Board is being established to provide awareness and education to parents with young children between the ages of 0-5. Teen Advisory Board Members will accomplish this task by working collaboratively with other students around Greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas on an end of the year fundraising event, outreach projects and more. With colleges and many employers looking for experience and volunteer efforts Smart Start Central Oklahoma's Teen Advisory Board is a great place to learn valuable business and networking skills, all while having a little fun. If you have a passion for helping those in the community, please contact Alex Moorehead for application and more details at 405-286-2734 or
Dedicated entirely to teens interested in any artistic discipline. TAC members enjoy demonstrations from professional artists, visit local creative hubs, and host their own gallery shows and performances. The mission is “bringing together teens and the arts.” With 15 members, ages 14-18, from different schools around the metro area, the TAC is diverse in its members as well as in its program planning. If you are interested in the visual arts, photography, music, dance, theater or fashion, would like to earn some community service hours, and want to create new opportunities for teens and the arts, then the Teen Advisory Council would be the place for you! 

Teen Leaders for Bethel Foundation 
Teens making an impact on the life of single parents and our community. Application @ (405) 286-3700,

Y Achievers
Minority and under served teens enhance their academic and personal goals. Students and mentors come together to help the students succeed in school and have a brighter future, developing develop a positive sense of self and character.  Contact Shannon  Presti, Director of Teen Leadership Initiatives,  500 North Broadway, Suite 500, Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73102, 405-297-7728; 405-361-8825

Youth Lead OKC 
This organization is part of Youth Lead, Sharon MA 
LEAD stands for Leaders Engaging Across Differences. 
The flagship program in Sharon, MA has graduated close to 200 youth
who become leaders on their college campuses and in their communities. 
Youth LEAD OKC first trained class will consist of 28-30 diverse high school students.
Meetings are on the first Sunday of the month from 5-7 PM at the YMCA Corporate Headquarters.  For more information contact  Contact Shannon Presti, Director of Teen Leadership Initiatives, 500 North Broadway, Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73102, 405-297-7728; 405-361-8825

Youth LEAD’s main goal is to inspire and mobilize youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges.

Core Principles
The core principles maintain a profound belief in the wisdom of youth, encourage teens to think big and not be afraid to fail, and prepare young people to encounter and work through difficulties.

Mentorship model
Youth LEAD helps adult mentors to put youth in the driver’s seat, allowing teens to practice and enhance their leadership skills now, not waiting for when they are “old enough.” Mentors are taught how to support all youth in their leadership development, letting go of the need to control the outcome. This allows youth to try and to fail, each time learning and building on their repertoire of skills. 

Long-term community engagement
In addition to training youth and mentors, Youth LEAD works with a community over several years to assess their unique strengths and challenges, convene community partners, provide program support, and work through difficulties that might arise.

Program Structure
Regular meetings provide a space for youth to reflect
 upon their values and beliefs, and to connect with others across differences. Youth decide upon the topics for each meeting and facilitate the discussions. Specialized trainings, conducted by the Youth LEAD creators from Boston, build communication, facilitation and organizing skills that youth need to have respectful “difficult conversations” and to address problems in their community. Youth-run service-learning projects provide Youth LEAD members with the opportunity to act by planning and running their own community service and social justice projects throughout the year. 

The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR OKC), the Respect Diversity Foundation, Casady School Service-Learning Program, and Mercy School Institute, with other community partners, have combined efforts to help Youth LEAD become a national program. This unique, diverse group of community partners collaborates with the common goal of solid teen programming to make a difference in the lives of youth in Oklahoma City. The Y leads the groups’ efforts, as it has the ability to launch programs in every market in the United States and globally. Youth LEAD OKC is a catalyst for the expansion of this one of a kind program to engage youth leaders across differences.

Youth Leadership of Oklahoma
This is an outstanding opportunity for high school juniors who have demonstrated a unique ability to lead others while making a significant impact upon their school and community. Each student selected will be awarded a full scholarship and will benefit from the incredible programs, speakers, and events as this class bonds together and discovers the treasures of Oklahoma! The selection committee looks for students who represent our state’s best young leaders — those who have demonstrated leadership ability in activities such as student council, athletics and service clubs. Keep in mind that with approximately 50 class members chosen throughout the state, selection will be difficult. Every effort will be made to select a balance of representatives from across Oklahoma.
Important Points for YLOK Applications
•Only high school JUNIORS are eligible to apply.
•Applications have deadlines and no e-mail applications area accepted.
•Principals must sign the application form verifying the applicant’s GPA.
•After the initial meeting and orientation, transportation to all activities is provided, therefore students will not need to provide or acquire transportation for the trip.
Each student must be willing and available to attend the entire program. For more information, please call or email Lee Anne Stone, Youth Coordinator, 405-848-0001
This board gives Oklahoma County high school students an opportunity to help other teens in need while earning community service hours. TSB Members play an important part in their community through fun projects which benefit the agency’s programs. Oklahoma County high school students are selected after completing an application and interview process. TSB Members must be mature, responsible, compassionate teens who enjoy working with people and making new friends. TSB Members serve a school-year term from August to May and are asked to attend a minimum of 6 meetings to complete training and to participate in planning and completion of projects. Meetings are held once a month in the 

                           National Youth Boards

Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Focused on childhood obesity issues. The 21 youth leaders play an integral role in advising and providing a youth perspective to the Alliance as we strive to encourage young people across the nation to make healthy choices. Board members also serve as national spokespeople for the Alliance speaking at local and national events, interviewing with journalists and health-education experts, engaging with community leaders, and addressing their peers. In addition to their role as advisors and spokespeople for the organization, a cornerstone of the Youth Advisory Board is their commitment to service-learning. Each board member is responsible for initiating healthy changes in their own neighborhoods and school districts by engaging in service-learning programs in their communities. A nationwide search brings together a select group youth ages 9-17 from diverse backgrounds. This year’s Board is comprised of 21 energetic, well spoken, and passionate youth from coast to coast who truly want to make a difference in their schools and communities. Sponsored by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation
National Youth Advisory Board, Super Bowl of Caring: Tackle Hunger 
Twelve high school students (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) selected from across the nation. They give their voices to our mission while gaining invaluable opportunities for decision-making, leadership, travel, and training.

Create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world with young people, their schools, and their communities through service-learning. 
A team of teens ages 14-21, recognized for their dedication to promoting youth leadership, service learning, youth-adult partnerships, and diversity. YAC advises NYLC on its programming and brings a valuable youth perspective to the organization’s work. In order to be a member of the Youth Advisory Council a teen must attend the National Youth Leadership Training with a team from home community. Once you have completed NYLT, the teen has the opportunity to apply to serve on the Youth Advisory Council. NYLT alumni are selected from this competitive application process and compose the NYLC YAC.

State Farm Youth Advisory Board
Thirty students, ages 17-20, from across the United States and Canada comprise the State Farm Youth Advisory Board. They are charged with helping State Farm design and implement a $5 million-a-year signature service-learning initiative to address issues important to State Farm and communities across the United States and Canada.The Alliance for A Healthier Generation on Youth Advisory Board
 Seeks young people wanting to share their commitment to help stop childhood obesity. Applications are now being accepted for the Alliance's Youth Advisory Board. Applicants must be between the ages of 8 and 17 years old when membership begins in July. If interested visit for more information.

The Frederick Douglass Family Foundation (FDFF) Student Board of Advisors
Students entering grades 7-12 in fall 2011 are eligible to apply for a seat on the Board.“50 students from all over the country interested in helping us address the issue of human trafficking and modern-day slavery will assist in creating service projects that will have a real impact on this global dilemma. Their ideas will affect change.” FDFF is accepting applications beginning immediately with a deadline of June 8th. The Board will meet via a toll-free conference call monthly with the first call tentatively scheduled for June 15th. Applications should be sent to Robert Benz via email at and they should include: student’s full name, current grade, zip code, email address and a brief explanation of why they want to join the Board (no more than 250 words). Parental consent will be required prior to confirming membership. FDFF is an Atlanta-based 501(c)3 founded by the direct descendants of both Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. Chairwoman, Nettie Washington Douglass is the great, great granddaughter of Douglass. For more information about the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation, please contact Robert Benz at 702-523-4845.