MobileServe (Upper Division only)

MobileServe is an easy digital tracking system for service hours. The app is free and information can be loaded on any iphone.  If you do not own a phone, information can be logged using a computer at school. There are two ways to track service experiences. You can geolocate from a device and/or enter the supervising adult's email to verify service hours. The supervising adult will receive an email that shows the student's name, time, date, and the location of the service; the adult then clicks verify. If the service is Casady school related such as the Upper Division Service Project or Freshmen Orientation Day Service Project, students should enter for verification through the Director of Service Learning.

               Helpful Links for MobileServe 
Above is the website address. From here one can log in to post hours or create an account.
Beginning September 2018, all service hours will be tracked digitally. Past verifiied service hour records and submitted summer service hours will be inputted into your MobileServe account. Casady students will have a digital footprint moving forward.
This link gives an overview of MobileServe and information about how to track and verify hours. Reminder: Hours can be tracked after service by logging in service information and including the adult supervisor's email address for verification.
This link has an individual user's guide and frequently asked questions about MobileServe.
Casady has five service categories: Education, Environmental Service, Food-Related Service,
Other Related Services, Religion-Affiliated Service, and Senior Service .
Students may create a professional service resume to accompany college applications. The service resume offers a story and picture of detailed service. Additionally a service resume completes the image of a well-balanced student, one that gives back to the community and is concerned with global issues.

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