MobileServe (Upper Division only)
MobileServe is an easy digital tracking system for service hours. The app is free and information can be loaded on any i-phone.  If you do not own a phone, information can be logged using a computer at school. There are two ways to track service experiences. You can enter the supervising adult's email to verify service hours. The supervising adult will receive an email that shows the student's name, time, date, and the location of the service; the adult then clicks verify. The preferred method is ask the service supervisor to sign on your phone. If the service is Casady school related such as the Upper Division Service Project or Freshmen Orientation Day Service Project, students should enter for verification through the Director of Service Learning.

MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the App store and Google Play and can be used on most smart phones and tablets.  If you’d rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device at: Simply skip the download instructions below and start with Create Your Account.
  • Class of 2023: 034F14
  • Class of 2024: 9F97EE
  • Class of 2025: Class of 7D9DC5
  • Class of 2026: F6EECC
Download the App
1.      Go to the App Store or Google Play.
2.      Search “MobileServe.”
3.      Tap the Get or Install button next to MobileServe App.

Create Your Account!
1.      Open the app or go to & sign-in with your new Casady email.
3.      Select Next.
4.      Add an optional photo to your profile or skip.
5.      Select Next.
6.      Enter the 6-digit code corresponding to your grade, if needed (see above).
7.      When it pops up, select Join and log your hours.
This link gives an overview of MobileServe and information about how to track and verify hours. Reminder: Hours can be tracked after service by logging in service information and including the adult supervisor's email address for verification.
This link has an individual user's guide and frequently asked questions about MobileServe.
Casady has five service categories: Education, Environmental Service, Food-Related Service,
Other Related Services, Religion-Affiliated Service, and Senior Service .
Students may create a professional service resume to accompany college applications. The service resume offers a story and picture of detailed service. Additionally a service resume completes the image of a well-balanced student, one that gives back to the community and is concerned with global issues.