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                           Primary Division Service Learning

The Casady Service Learning Program aligns with the School mission to develop excellence, confidence, and integrity in students. Through Service Learning, it aims to empower Cyclones to realize their potential to make a difference in the community in mind, body, and spirit.

The Primary Division is Montessori-based so its Service Learning Program connects the youngest Cyclones to excellence and to Maria Montessori’s belief that “Global Peace Begins in the Classroom. 

During the Infant Crisis Services, Hope for the Holidays Drive, a Pre-Kindergarten child took the money she made during the summer in her lemonade stand and bought the largest carton of diapers she could find.” Katherine Schoeffler’19

                   Primary Division Service Calendar 2019-20

September 20 International Day of Peace is Saturday September 21.
Children learn about other countries and carry an assortment of International flags to the Peace Day Chapel. Fr. Youmans delivers a child friendly message about hope for peace in the world.
October 21-25, (9:30-10:00AM)   Students Against Hunger - Annual Casady Canned Food Drive
During library time, Cherylynn O'Melia, Service Learning Director will read the story, Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena. This beautiful picture book and story is about a boy and his grandma discovering the wonders of the world, discovering an attitude of gratitude as they ride the bus to the soup kitchen.
December 6 Divya Chandrasekaran and Shanta Ramdas ( Hope for the Holidays Drive Chairs) will speak in PD and LD Chapels about the "Hope for the Holidays" drive.
December 9-20   "Hope for the Holidays benefiting Infant Crisis Center. Boxes in PD for collecting diapers, formula, and baby clothes.
Prior to the drive, Ms. O'Melia, Service Learning Director, will share the book On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier, during library time. The book is passed to other PD teachers to read aloud to their classes.
December 5, 8:00 AM - 12 noon   Casady Blood Drive in the Chapel transept
PD parents are encouraged to donate.
January 20 MLK Day/"Day of Service" - NO SCHOOL
January 31 – Irene Eckman and Saadia Nazir (Make A Wish Valentine Drive Chairs) will speak in PD and LD Chapels about the “Make A Wish Valentine Drive.”
February 3-7 “Make A Wish Valentine’s Drive” benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation.
Drive Chairs, Irene Eckman and Saadia Nazir, will lead this drive.
      March 6 – Sam Timberlake, Kyler Scoville and Kyler Palmer present in PD and LD Chapels to promote upcoming Perfect Pair Drive.
March 9-13 “Perfect Pair” - Collecting socks and hygiene items for the Homeless Alliance.
Drive Chairs are: Kyler Scoville and Palmer, Sam Timberlake, MD: Isabel Zedlitz
      April 20-22  (Mrs. Gwynn’s Class), 1:40-2:40 PM 
Children pot spring flowers for Earth Day and May Day. Mrs. Gwynn has coordinating lesson about May Day and Earth Day. YAC distributes the flowers to the elderly in The Village.

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