Thursday, May 3, 2018

Service Learning Projects in the UD English Curriculum

Senior Literary Exchange Project  12th grade and Kindergarten

Mrs. Whitney Finley, Lead Teacher, English Department Chair.  Each trimester Casady seniors take a new English course, similar to college seminar courses. Multiple Genre Creative Writing, taught by Whitney Finley, is one of the courses offered during the winter trimester, and students in this course have concluded a unit of study focused on children’s literature.

After spending a few days reading and critiquing children’s literature, the seniors begin the process of crafting their own children's stories. The seniors work diligently on their projects and are conscientious about content, structure, characterization, illustrations, and use of rhetorical devices. The project culminates with an opportunity for the seniors to share their stories with kindergarten children.

2017-2018 Senior Literary Exchange will be the eight-year for this project.

Senior Literacy Exchange becomes e-books in 2018 .  See it HERE

From eBooks workshop from Dr. Frier! 
Here are links to the resources we discussed and shared:
All of the 12th grade eBook projects from Whitney Finley's students:

Casady kindergarteners craft their own unique stories and reciprocate a sharing time with seniors in the spring.

Senior Metaphor Project 2nd Grade and 12th Grade English Class

Dr. Bonnie Gerard, UD English Lead Project Teacher. The senior English metaphor project with the lower division came about as an idea for how we as a class could share what we are learning about conceptual metaphor and how it shapes thought with the broader community. The second graders have a poetry unit in the spring, and so by coordinating with the second-grade team of teachers, we were able to create an interactive cross-divisional lesson plan that would benefit both the second graders and the seniors in content, skills and character development.  This project has been implemented on a yearly basis since 2005.

The Metaphor class page is under Teaching. It has photo albums dating back to 2006!