Thursday, May 17, 2018

Introduction to Service Requirement, Class of 2022

YAC Vice-Presidents 2018-2019 at Middle Division

-What is the Casady Service Requirement? 45 hours certified before starting the senior year.

-Documentation for credit at Casady Website.  You need to keep your time log and presented to your site supervisor to verify and certify your hours.  Find both forms HERE

-Start THIS SUMMER, highly recommended for hours to be completed before entering the senior year.  Depending on your age, you can get the Presidential Service Award with a minimum of 50 hours (age 15 and under) or 100 hours (age 16 or older) in a personal calendar year -12 month period-

-What is YAC?  Youth Active in the  Community.  The UD Service Club at Casady.  Meets once a week. You get service hours for attending meetings, doing activities, participating in drives

How can YAC help with service hours, leadership, and relationship building?  Organizes visits to Boys and Girls Club, facilitates club projects like Best Buddies and Cyclone Mentors at Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village.  Sponsors drives, helps other clubs with service projects. Helps students find their personal spark for service.  Join YAC!  YAC will have an organizational meeting before school starts.  You will hear more information about YAC and clubs at the Freshman Orientation at the beginning of the school year 2018-2019.

-Personal Service Experiences of meaning:
From YAC officers attending:  Vice-Presidents Saadia, Ahmed.  Presidents taking AP exams
Saadia: Served at Library and at Hospital during the summer
Ahmed: Created a summer project at the Library to help children read and get books.

Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club starts with a response to a call like the one below:
Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park needs volunteers for their after-school program, 4:00 pm -7: 00 pm. and during the summer 7:00 am - 7:00 pm  Contact Mrs. Clay,, 405-520-1325, if interested in creating a special activity for the children.  Walk-in Cyclone volunteers are also welcomed.  Ask to see Mrs. LaRissa Conn to complete a volunteer application before being assigned to volunteer as needed.

Step 1:  YAC - Service Learning Office helps set up an appointment to see if the service experience is something you want to do.

Step II:  Cyclone being trained by Boys and Girls Club Volunteer Coordinator

Step III:  The Volunteer is introduced to group with the greatest need

Step IV:  Cyclone assigned to help Kindergarten and first grade after school class

Step V:  Cyclone begins to serve

Teaching how to tell time

The volunteer keeps his/her time log and when finished, it gives it to the Site supervisor to verify and evaluate.

The completed forms are sent via email or taken personally to the Servicce-Learning Office in Harper (the building attached to the back of chapel)

The Service Learning Director places hours in a personal file and sends copies of updated service record to students, parents and advisors. 

AUGUST 18, 2018
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