Tuesday, May 8, 2018

HALO and A New Leash of Life Dogs on Campus

YAC-Service Learning Office Intern,  Sharun P'18. facilitated the visit of HALO Dog Maylee and her handler Gayala, Norman's, New Leash of Life  Dog Chumlee and his handler Jennifer,, and our own Cyclone Service Dog Buttercup and her handler Theresa Booze who is the mother of second grader Grace.

The dogs were brought to the Casady Upper Division campus under the sponsorship of YAC (Youth Active in the Community) for a little stress relief as this is the week of AP exams.

Buttercup was the first to arrive

Chumblee is A New Leash on Life Dog.  New Leash on Life is based in Norman

Maylee is a HALO Dog.  HALO is based in OKC

This was Maylee's first visit to a campus