Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fedex Time Strategic Planning 2018-2019, May 5, 2017, Harper 3:30 pm-5:00 pm

Suggested Agenda

Reflective Padlet: The Year that was YAC's 2017-2018

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Service Learning Program 2017-2018        YAC Calendar 2017-2018 and description of offices  

1. 2018-2019  Expected Planning Team (Officers): 

Katherine S (ICS Hope for the Holidays, YWCA Care Bags, Cyclone Mentors)., Sahanya B (Best Buddies, Boys and Girls Club Experiences, Oklahoma Centennial Community Garden)., Ellison G. (Homeless Alliance Perfect Pair Drive, Positive Tomorrows Fleece Blankets)

Saadia (Students Against Hunger-Casady Cans Do: Freshman trainer with Tina, Isabela, Ava, Lauren), Hannah H, Ahmed H

Ali A. Caroline H.

Tina N.

YAC Calendar Manager

Project Chairs
Seniors: Katherine (Hope for the Holidays, Cyclone Mentors), Sahanya (Best Buddies), Ellie (Homeless Alliance, Perfect Pair, Evie W. (Cyclone Mentors)
Juniors:  Aaron P (Johnson Elementary Wheelchair Track), Owen C.  (Cyclone Mentors), Ford W. (Cyclone Mentors)

Grade Representatives 
Sophomores: Gabriella K., Grace U, Abby Kays

2. Calendar

New Initiatives in need of youth leaders

Quail Ridge Wednesday Lunch Bunch- One a month lunch with residents of Quail Ridge.  Conversations using a game board.

Senior Wellness Center Story Corps Project  Monthly conversations with Parks and Recreation Senior Wellness Centers.  NPR Story Corps "like" recordings of selected topics where teens and senior citizens share inspirational experiences.

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