Sunday, April 29, 2018

YAC Meeting, May 1, 2018 - Last Meeting of the 2018-2019 year

Suggested Agenda
Minutes by Mrs. Clay, pictures by Gaby K. and Mrs. Clay

Date, time and location for Strategic Planning 2018-2019: Saturday, May 5th, 3:30-5:00 pm at Harper.  Please let Katherine or Mrs. Clay know if you are planning to attend


Seniors: Mariam, Safra, Sharun (late)
Juniors: Katherine, Liz W.
Sophomores: Saadia
Freshmen: Katherine H., Gabby K., Abby Kays, Tina N., Isabella P., Ava R.

New Business
1 Senior Sendoff:  Seniors received a token of YAC's appreciation with thank you letters.  Ali had a connecting game 7UP.  YAC members shared Italian Ice and Klondike Bars.

2. Students Rebuild, Facing Difference Challenge:  Gaby took pictures of 45 drawings by 3rd graders.  Mrs. Clay will send the pictures of the drawings to Bezos Foundation after Mrs. France gives the Go Ahead.  It will be entered as a YAC entry because Gabby took the pictures.  Mrs. Thompson/Mrs.Fyers are the facilitating teacher.

3 Camp Anytown  Tabled.  Information about this camp on tv screens and at Casady Places to serve blog.  This camp is Youth LEAD OKC suggested summer training.

4. Happy Tails Supplies Drive:  Oklahoma Humane Society has 110 new puppies. They sent the following email of needs.  If a YAC members wishes to help, please bring your donations and place them under the "Leaving Giving Tree" at the YAC Community Room.  Please tell a friend about the needs.  The drive will start tomorrow and end Tuesday, May 8th.  Mrs. Clay will take the donations to OHS after school
1.   Blankets
2.   Paper towels
3.   Bath Towels
4.    Bleach
4.    Laundry detergent
5.    Trash bags (39 gallon+)
6.    Ziploc bags (quart & gallon)
7.    Copy paper
8. If you recycle, we use the cardboard centers of paper towel rolls as disposable toys for dogs and cats who we are treating with an illness such as kennel cough. 
9. We also rely on volunteers to request the cardboard boxes that Petsmart & Petco discard after a flat of canned dog food or canned cat food is sold. We use these cardboard boxes as disposable litter boxes for the cats in our care.
10.  If you wish to donate directly, here is a suggested Wishlist Link to Amazon Wish List

Old Business
1. Status of
-PVSA  Awards website still does not have medals available to order.  Mrs. Clay will order certificates this Friday with pins instead of medals (as they are not available yet)
-Seniors finishing requirement  11 seniors still need to provide documentation to certify hours.  Boys and Girls Club has a need for after-school mentors and tutors 4:00-7:00 pm.
-Best Buddies  SL paid $350 for Sahanya to attend the National Conference and to have a Best Buddies Casady Chapter next year.  Sahanya had a meeting after chapel where she asked students interested in continuing as Best Buddies to re-apply or they will have to start a brand new application next year.  All files are deleted on a yearly basis
-Youth & Government  2 Casady Students were chosen to go to CONA.  Mrs. Bek-gran will continue to be the main sponsor next year
-Youth LEAD OKC - Possible connection with Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice.  The outreach director of Camp Any Town visited Casady and is interested in looking at possibilities of re-awakening Youth LEAD OKC at a city-wide level