Tuesday, April 3, 2018

YAC meeting 4/3/2018

Suggested Agenda 

Minutes by Mariam and Mrs. Clay. Pictures by Hannah H. (Forthcoming)

Seniors: Safra, Mariam
Juniors: Katherine, Ellie, Sahanya, Claire, Caroline H.
Sophomores: Saadia, Ahmed
Freshmen: Ava, Katherine H., Abby K., Isabela P., Grace U., Lauren W.

Activity:  Fleece Blankets for Positive Tomorrows and Children's Hospital (if accepted by the Aikman End Zone).  YAC members finished making 3 blankets. There is only one more to finish. It was decided that the last blanket will be finished during the walk-a-thon and sent two of the blanket will go to Children's Hospital Aikman End Zone if accepted by the volunteer coordinator.  Otherwise, all 4 blankets will go to Positive Tomorrows where Ellie will be volunteering during the summer. 

Thank you to Sharun for purchasing the materials.  The Service Learning budget provided $100 for this project which honors the memory Project Warm.  

After the meeting, Sharun volunteered to manpower the YAC booth for the duration of the Walk-A-Thon.  Mrs. Clay has duty elsewhere until 2:30 when she will help Sharun.  If anyone has the time, we will have a sign-up sheet for volunteers and participants at the YAC booth.  We have treats for participants stopping at the YAC booth to decorate placemats, pet and or walk the service dogs.  Donations for the Walk-A-Thon appreciated, but not required for petting or walking the dogs if students have the funding.

The meeting location was changed by the Presidents to the Chapel Transept.  

This was a good idea to make the blankets, but there is a group who prays during Activities there and Father Blizzard needs to be notified.  We will need to contact the praying group to have the movie there or we might ask Dr. Torres to show the movie in his room and help us reflect on what we are watching.  He will be viewing the Pursuit of Happiness for the first time with us.

*Placemats for walkathon, Mrs. Clay will purchase them and walkers will be asked to decorate them.  .5 service hours will be provided per placemat. UPDATE We have a possible 150 to decorate this year.  Mrs. Clay purchased the placemants at Party Galaxy.  The white placemats will be discontinued after this year at Party Galaxy.

National Volunteer Week Activities April 15-21
a.How can we celebrate and recognize volunteerism
-The delivery of PSA at Chapel will be April 20th.  
YAC will read the names of awardees by grades mentioning the medal they are receiving. There will be a senior chapel speech that day, therefore, no inspirational speaker for the week.  We will have the inspirational speaker during the senior send off in May.

b. YAC will have*Coffee and donuts during Activities on PSA day, April 20th.  Next week after Mrs. Clay orders awards this Saturday, we will discuss details about the chapel ceremony which traditionally has been facilitated by YAC leaders not receiving awards.  
Presidential Service Awards will be ordered this weekend
Seniors: Quinn Bunnag, Hannah Jordan, Aiden Raikar,Caleb Richards, Michael Ting  
Juniors: Caroline Hawley, Brandon Trachtenberg, Katherine Schoeffler
Sophomores: Doran Waters, Saadia Nazir, Noah Youmans, Malavika Rajaram, Ahmeed Hussan, Caroline Turrell, Ellie Taylor
Freshmen: Gabriella Karam, Grace Utz, Sophia Dystra, Ava Rangel, Neeley Patel

Possible PSA:   Mrs. Clay contacted the students below to update or make a file at the PSA website
Seniors: Adam Hughes, Alexander Karam, Melissa Vansant
Juniors: Courtney Melton, Mason Thomas
Sophomores: Lucas Barrett, Cooper Lindstrom, Nicolas Moore, Olivia Uhland, Celine Voung

*Showing of Pursuit of Happiness during National Volunteer Week, a movie suggested by VP, Ananya.  If we have the funding, we will have skinny popcorn and peace tea for participants.

* The service-learning office will have small tokens of appreciation for YAC members who participate in the National Volunteer Week Activities.  Facing Difference Challenge, watching the movie, Pursuit of Happiness, volunteering on Earth Day, April 22, Volunteering at Boys and Girls Club on Friday, April 20th, playing the Compassion Protect the Sacred Earth Week games
April Compassion Games:
Protect the Sacred Earth Week 4/14 - 4/22

There is an ancient proverb that says:
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.
This is the growing Spirit of Standing Rock, and this is the spirit of Water is Life! Protect the Sacred  Earth Week, taking place from April 14th through April 22nd 2018.
The Call to Play in Earth Week is Now! Sign Up Today!

*Potential lunch with Mr. Bonfiglio during National Volunteer Week or Senior Send Off in May.  

* Treasurer Report: YAC has $200+  Mrs. Clay will check how much money is left in the sl budget for end of the year activities PSA, National Volunteer Week, Senior Send Off and Class of 2018 completion of requirement. 

*Class of 2018 Service Requirement Completion: There are still 16 seniors who need to serve or turn in documentation to certified hours to complete the requirement for graduation for the Class of 2018. Mrs. Clay will send the list to Mariam and Safra.  The students and their advisors have been contacted and Mrs. Clay is providing service opportunities on weekends and during the week to help those students.

*Mrs. Clay's Announcement:  Mrs. Clay will not be returning next year.  She is going to be a resource for YAC when in town or via email as needed and when directly contacted.  She will be traveling to Boston as her family needs requiring to help with her two grandchildren and cannot commit to a full-time position.  She will be substituting at Casady when in OKC in the school year 2018-2019

Sharun P. reports on talks about HALO Dogs  Sharun was late returning from lunch and did not attend the meeting. We did not have any dogs coming to the Walk-A-Thon by the time of the meeting because the request came too late.  Sharun has HALO Dogs coming on dates and times confirmed by administrators
May 7th 3:15 - 3:56, only
May 16th 1:10-1:40 and 3:15-3:56

May 16th at Activities
  Chance and Glenda Bitner will be at Casady..more to come =)

Gayala and Malee on May 7th 3:15 - 3:56
May 16th, 1:10-1:40 

Jennifer and Chumlee  May 7th and May 16  3:15-3:56 pm

Suzie and Mona
Mon. May 7th, 3:15-3:56 pm 

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Earth Day is April 22

YAC Activity for Next Week- Possible Global Youth Service Day Project: Creative Fundraiser
Consider making a portrait  $6 will be donated per portrait by the Bezos Foundation

2018_GYSD_logo general.png
The final countdown to Global Youth Service Day 2018 is on, and so is the count-up on the GYSD Map! 474 projects in 45 U.S. states and 46 countries have been registered as of 4/2. Add yours today!
Top U.S. States:
(1) Texas   (2) North Carolina   (3) Iowa    (4) California    (5) New Jersey 
Top Countries:
(1-tie) Nigeria, Uganda   (2) Kyrgyzstan   (3) Kenya   (4) Singapore  (5-tie) Benin, India
Search the map for projects near you and add your own GYSD project or event today at https://leadasap.ysa.org/start/gysd2018/


Walk Out to Advocate and Serve on Friday, April 20 for #NationalSchoolWalkout & Global Youth Service Day

The #NationalSchoolWalkout coincides with Global Youth Service Day on April 20, 2018. These are two movements supporting young people to find their voice, take action, and have impact. We encourage you to pause the normal school day and find a way to make the #NationalSchoolWalkout and #GYSD a student-led teaching and learning moment. To help you organize an immersive action experience at your school, we put together this toolkit of ideas. Access the #NationalSchoolWalkout - Global Youth Service Day Toolkit at http://info.YSA.org/Walkout
servicevoteRegister, Educate & Prepare to Vote on GYSD
More than 8 million people will turn 18 this year before Election Day, and 14 million more will turn 18 by November 2020. The 2018 election season has already started! 30 states will hold their primary elections over the next three months, and voter registration deadlines will be here soon too. Global Youth Service Day is the perfect time to register, educate, and prepare to vote. Find more ServiceVote Projecft ideas in our #LeadASAP Idea Center.