Thursday, April 5, 2018

Walk-A-Thon and Golden Rule Day: April 5th 2018

Casady Walk-A-Thon 2017

Walkathon 2018

The Casady Walkathon is today, Thursday, April 5. This event, organized by the Upper Division Student Council, invites students from across the campus to participate and help raise donations to support the Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center. Please read the letter attached below from the Student Council to learn how you can participate!

A Letter from the Student Council

Dear Casady Community, 

The Casady Walkathon to support the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center is a school fundraiser in which participants raise money by collecting donations or pledges for walking a predetermined distance or course. 

We would like to invite the students to be a part of this fun-filled day and to give back to the community! All donations will be sent to Children’s Hospital to help all children in their care and in memory of Bennett Hanneman, the son of Lower Division faculty member Aimee Hanneman. 

The Casady Walkathon is scheduled Thursday, April 5th, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. T-shirts are being sold for $15 in the student center during Upper Division’s activities period (1:10-1:40 p.m.) and will also be available the day of the race. Along with walking around the lake, Casady Upper Division clubs also invite participants to enjoy fun activities and food from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. 

Activities for the day include dodgeball, Family Feud, and other fun events. There will also be a DJ (our own Casady student) providing music as the participants enjoy their laps around the lake. 

Along with this notification, you will receive a pledge sheet. The pledge sheet should be used for recording donations per lap. Additional sheets will be available in each division office. Students should approach friends and family with the request for a monetary donation for walking and record information on the sheet, which will be turned in after the Casady Walkathon. Upper Division students’ laps will be tallied, and this number should be used to contact and receive the appropriate amount from each donor. In Lower and Middle Division, the amount may be collected as pledged. Please make donations payable to Casady School either by cash or check. Casady Student Council will then make the total donation to Children’s Hospital.

The Casady Student Council and teachers will supervise younger students throughout the day. Those attending should dress and prepare accordingly for the weather as the event will be held rain or shine. The day will be full of music, activities, and the possibility of winning prizes! This is a great way to support our greater community! It will be a good experience for all involved, and we hope you can walk to make a difference!

Schedule and Faculty Duties for the 2018 Walk-A-Thon from Coach T.,Dean of Students, STUCO Sponsor

Walk-a-thon is tomorrow rain or shine. It looks like it's going to be the nicest day this week. Sunshine during the walk-a-thon is a beautiful thing. This year we will kick things off in the Chapel. We will depart from Chapel and walk a lap as a community. 

Lunch will be served starting at 1245 in the Wing area. Please encourage students to use the trash cans that will be provided for their trash:). We don't want to have to clean up behind them. 

Registration will open at the end of the first lap. The tent will be located in the area closet to the Chapel. The club booths will be open from 1:00-2;30. All the booths will be in the Chapel parking lot this year. There will be a dunk tank and a castle slide. This year one of our own students (Elijah\, 9th) will be our DJ during the 

Dodgeball tournament will be in the South gym 2:30-3:30. The curtain will be down and there will be two games going at the same time.  Music will be provided. Curtain will be raised for the championship game. I will have instructions for those faculty members working the games. (Court 1 Shelia, Curt,and Greg) (Court 2 Chris and Carlos)..

Family Feud will be played in Perri, 2:30-3;30. (Marion/Linda) Instructions will be given.

If you are participating in dodgeball or family feud and it conflicts with your assignment please try to find someone to switch and let me know of any changes. All areas must be covered. 


Castle: Carmen, BrieAnn

Dunk Tank: Andrew, Jonas

Parking lots: Eric E., Emily, Tommy 

Lap Markers: Sarah S., Amanda P., Joanne J

Around the lake: Carol (Harper), Eric E. (Wing), Whitney (MD), Lu (LD), Amanda K.(Student Center)

Registration Table: Julietta, MaryAnn


Castle: Whitney F., Janet

Dunk Tank: Jason, Lisa B, Matt P

Lap Markers: Bonnie, Dianne, Sandy C

Around the lake: Peter (MD), Annie (Fee), Mark (Student Center), Jared (LD)

Registration: Phyllis, Lori W.

Closing ceremony is around 3:45 in the south gym after the dodgeball tournament. 
Dares will be going on the entire time. Big dares will be apart of the closing ceremonies.

This Event Has Been Cancelled
Saturday, April 7th - Spring Dance - Activity Center 9:00-11:30 pm

The spring dance will be Saturday, April 7th, 9pm-1130pm in the Activity Center. Faculty Chaperones needed. The theme is the 80's

Thanks for all of your help. I pray this will be another successful walk-a-thon. Dress comfortable, be encouraging, and get involved in your favorite activity. 

Kindness travels at the speed of love. Join us Thursday, April 5th for #GoldenRuleDAY. An all-day webcast of participants from around the world. Contemplative Life partners the "Three Amigos" will be sharing from 6:10 - 6:40 PM Pacific Time 

When:    Starting 11:30 pm (PST)
How:      Participate via 
Facebook Live or our website

This is an exciting global opportunity to remember the Golden Rule. Please invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to join us on April 5 as we all celebrate the universal principle of the Golden Rule!

The Golden Rule Day is produced collaboratively by: the Charter for Compassion, The Golden Rule Project and the United Religions Initiative (URI)