Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cyclones Chosen to CONA

Luke and Cole were both selected to attend CONA (Council on National Affairs), which is held in the summer.  Luke attended last year as well.  

Only 14 students are chosen!

JUNE 30 – JULY 5, 2018

The YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs was started in 1968 as a follow-up to the outstanding states Youth in Government programs conducted by the YMCA throughout the US. The success of the conference is directly attributed to the leadership of many YMCA Professionals and Laymen but primarily to the dedication of the Youth involved. Last year, young people from thirty-three states and the District of Columbia participated in the conference. National Affairs is a program of the YMCA of Montgomery, AL.


  1. To gain an awareness of National concerns and issues.
  2. To increase understanding of Federal Government and its relation to State, National and International matters
  3. To have and use a means for communicating concerns about National Affairs to appropriate persons and groups at Federal Government levels.
  4. To develop increased understanding of needs, responsibilities and opportunities.
  5. To work creatively together with young adults and adults
  6. To help youth and adults to better understand and strengthen their values for living through the Christian objectives of the YMCA.

Want a peek at what the Conference is like?  Check out the end of the year Video from 2017.