Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Casady Youth and Government attends State Conference

Adapted from http://ymcaokc.org/yag/yag-home, First Day photos and comments by Mrs. Bek-gram
The Y's Youth and Government™ program is a national program that involves thousands of teens nationwide in state-organized, model-government programs. 
Students from every corner of the U.S. have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential civic engagement and practice democracy. 
Teens from across every state meet in their local Youth and Government clubs and at statewide events throughout the year to discuss and debate issues that affect citizens of their state through proposed legislation, participation in mock trials, or journalistic reporting. 
Opening Banquet - 2 Inspirational speakers

In its first year of full operations the Casady YAG, under the sponsorship of Government teacher, Lisa Bek-Gran and the leadership of Casady Student Council President, Luke Albert, attended regional training and club officers training and recruitment.  Members have also participated in a District Conference to qualify for attendance to the State Conference.  
Casady YaG Delegates 

The Casady delegates at the State Conference will be debating bills on the floor of the legislature, arguing cases before state courts, or creating various media publications.  Good luck, Cyclone YAG!

Luke and Cole were both selected to attend CONA (Council on National Affairs), which is held in the summer.  Luke attended last year as well.  

Only 14 students are chosen!

Thank you, members of the Class of 2018 and Mrs. Bek-gran for bringing and facilitating the first year of Casady YAG.