Monday, February 5, 2018

Mission 5 of Interfaith Harmony Week

For Reflection:
Before moving on to Mission #5, take a moment to reflect on yesterday's mission. Mission #4 went from the universal of the Golden Rule to the deeply personal. How did it feel to identify the acts of kindness you find extra meaningful when you are the recipient? Wonderful Was it difficult? No Why do you think this is? It comes naturally when you really care. Was it challenging to treat others in this special way? Yes, because it is hard to be thoughtful, to really connect in a deep way to others needs. Was it rewarding? Yes  If you haven't done so, post your reflections and experiences on the Compassion Report Map to amplify your compassionate action!
The Courage the Dream... the Knowledge to Change the World!

Our fifth mission, Agents, is to build a “unitive field” to create Peace on Earth.
To do this we each affirm that we believe that peace on earth is possible and ask others to do the same. It is hard to believe in Peace One Day, but I will keep on trying to focus on balance, human dignity, love, and compassion.  Build a fire of peace within.

We are using a new tool Unifyre to help get this done. Follow this link and commit to Unify with Unifyre. Our intent is to gain the commitment from 40 individuals by the end of World Interfaith Harmony Week!
As you fulfill your mission, share your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to amplify its power! Check out all of the inspiring reports posted on the map so far!

Going Deeper:

The First Earth Run is a story about turning the impossible into the possible. Check out the story!

Additional Resources:

Check out the Empowerment Institute's piece,
Believing in Our Future, here.

Check out Seven Actions to Create Peace on Earth here.
For Day 5 of World Interfaith Harmony Week, we are overjoyed to pass the Compassion Torch to Scarlett Lewis and the Choose Love Movement.

Partners in Compassion!
Thank you to our truly remarkable partner in compassion for making this coopetition possible. Learn more about the incredible work, history, and vision of the Fetzer Institute here!

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