Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 6 meeting


·        Seniors:   Mariam, Safra Shakir
        Juniors: Sahanya bhaktaram,  Ellison Guzzy, Caroline Hawley, Claire Richardson, Katherine Schoeffler
·         Freshman:  Gabriella Karam, Grace Utz

-Ask Coach T when the walk-a-thon dates are
-Ellison Guzzy - OKC Homeless Drive Feb 26-Mar 2 (collect donations)
-Ellison will ask Coach T about incentives for class that donates the most
-Valentine's Day Lolly Pop Nicegrams are a go
-Blankets for positive tomorrows set for early March
-Prez Award Due soon - start thinking about planning the breakfast - order awards? - send emails to folks who need to enter them -  Ms. Smith will talk to Mrs. Clay about this more


Black History Month
Random Acts of Kindness Week

Perfect Pair Homeless Alliance Drive.