Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 17 meeting

Meeting did not take place because many memberes were gone for sports, on  groupme 
Everyone to email Ms. Smith their reflections about the Food Bank and the chapel speaker.

                                        Suggested Agenda:  
1. Reflection on MLK Day Speaker
MLK Day Service by YAC in 2018
-Boys and Girls Club
-Food Bank
-Personal YAC members initiatives

UD, MD Cyclones served at the Food Bank on MLK Day.  

Pictures by Yasmin and Mrs. Omelia.                                


Casady's Upper Division hosted a civil rights assembly on Friday, January 13,2017 featuring speaker facilitator Mrs. Jo Ivester. Sharun P., Service Learning Office, and YAC Intern stated, "The speaker was good. Her personal story was very interesting about being the only white family in an all-black community."  The Respect Diversity CEO, Joan Korenblit shared the following remarks about Mrs. Ivester's speeches at Heritage Hall High School and Casady, "Jo Ivester gave powerful talks at both schools"

2. January Mentoring Month 
Sharun speaking at chapel:  
Goal:  Recruitment of new mentors for Stanley Hulfeld

3. February Kindness Week 
Project Warm: Fleece Blankets for Positive Tomorrows, and Kindgrams for UD.
Last year, the projects were sponsored by seniors who graduated.  

Cooper L. had Rachel's Challenge during this month.  Will that project take place this year?  

World Interfaith Compassion Games February 1st-7th
 No YAC student facilitator.  Mrs. Clay will participate and reflect at Casady Compassion Games Blog