Monday, January 8, 2018

Hope for the Holidays Reflection

I was so grateful for the amazing generosity that was displayed throughout the Hope for the Holidays Donation Drive this year! Thank you for much for helping me with it!

In the Primary Division, the volunteers each morning reported extremely eager, enthusiastic children bringing in many donations. When I received the opportunity to fill the ICS truck with donations with them, I was thrilled to see such spirit and excitement. I had seven helpers, and they each proudly introduced themselves to the ICS representative. Some of the donations were too heavy, so we ended up all working together to fill the truck. It was completely full by the end, and the kids were so happy!

In the Lower Division, my main interaction with the children was through the chapel speech. Luckily, public speaking has gotten (a bit!) easier over the years. I love the LD's chapel service, and the fourth graders walked me through every step of it. I was nervous that some of them might be nervous to speak in front of the Upper Division, but they were surprisingly enthusiastic! I'm so glad that I received the opportunity to incorporate them into the speech because upon leaving, one told me that he couldn't wait to sit on the stage like StuCo and wanted to pursue that in high school, while another told me that she was excited to visit Infant Crisis Services!

Finally, in Upper Division, we typically don't expect as much contribution in donations as the other divisions because the students are so busy. This year taught me to stop underestimating the Upper Division, as their donations were truly heartfelt. Many students participated and shared a bit of their holiday with Infant Crisis Services. We received many more donations than I expected, but more importantly, many more students participated! 

Thank you so much to Mrs. Clay. Hope for the Holidays wouldn't be here without you, and also thank you to Mrs. Smith! She helped me load the donations into the car and put up the Christmas tree.
Can't wait for next year!!