Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Come and Read with Me Program of Metropolitan Library Systems needs volunteers for their Spring and Summer Sessions.You will be reading books to children, and acting as a mentor.   If you are 17 years or younger, must complete a waiver before volunteering. For more information email 606-3838.
Come Read with Me artwork
Come Read with Me (CRWM) is a literacy program offered by the Outreach Department of the Metropolitan Library System. The program brings together community volunteers and young readers at our partner after-school care sites for 30-minute reading sessions.  
At each reading session children walk through the doors with smiles on their faces and are given the joyous task of picking just one book from the array of choices displayed before their eyes. When that special just-right book is selected the children sit with their assigned volunteer readers and participate in a group read-aloud with a Project Specialist from the library. This read-aloud gets questions moving in the children’s minds and after each book is read the Project Specialist has a thoughtful and lively discussion with the group revolving around the children’s questions, opinions, and insights.
After the read-aloud, the children read the books they chose with their assigned volunteers or the Project Specialist. The volunteer reads to the assigned group of children and engages them in fun and immersive questions and conversation. When a child shows competent reading ability or true excitement about the book, volunteers encourage the child to read to the entire group. If the child needs help the volunteer is there for support.
The wonderful host sites, amazing Project Specialists and Youth Assistants, and exceptional volunteers all come together to make CRWM a spectacular program. Positive changes in the children’s lives happen every week at every site. The joy of reading, of finding life within and around the written word, is offered to each and every child. Their imaginations take flight as they become brave knights facing the fiercest of dragons, explorers sailing over the bluest oceans, small children hand-in-hand with their father stargazing into the endless night. Each time volunteers read with children the result is nothing short of magical.
The CRWM program is offered during an eight-week fall session, an eight-week spring session, and a six-week summer session at each comfortable and inviting host site.

Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers

Volunteers like you can make the difference for Oklahoma families in need of decent, affordable homes. Experience for yourself the sense of community and pride when working side-by-side with the homeowner, helping them accomplish a lifelong dream of homeownership.  The only skill you need to bring to the worksite is the desire to make a difference.  Habitat for Humanity needs more than muscle at Central Oklahoma Habitat.  Volunteers can help build homes, work in the office, help at the Renovation Station or serve on a committee – whatever time allows.  For more information about volunteering Central Oklahoma Habitat, email Rick Lorg.