Thursday, December 7, 2017

Infant Crisis Services, Hope for the Holidays Drive in the Upper Division December 11th-15th

YAC Project Leader speaks at Chapel with 4th Grade Project leaders
ICS Hope for the Holidays Project Leaders Speak at UD and LD Chapels

My name is Katherine Schoeffler, and I’m a junior at Casady this year. I’m here to talk to you all about the Infant Crisis Services Hope for the Holidays Donation Drive like last year, and I’d like to start us off with a quote that I use with the lower division.

Lorax Movie.jpg
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

This quote is from Dr. Seuss in the book, The Lorax. Now, I absolutely love this quote because it explains the way that change starts with you.

Infant Crisis Services gives food, formula, clothes, diapers, and many other necessities to children in need. During their visit, each child is provided with a week’s worth of these items. This gives them such an amazing holiday, free from worries that young children should never have to face.

Last year, combined with Lower and Primary division, it took more than three cars to send all of the donations to Infant Crisis Services, which is why I’m so excited to share this project with you all. Three cars. That’s amazing.

Another example! There was one incredible student in the Primary Division that used all of her piggy bank money from a lemonade stand last summer to buy three boxes of diapers for babies who needed them. And another student in the high school! She donated nearly all of her stuffed animals that she no longer needed to the cause. These people are just like you. They have truly pure and giving and generous hearts, just like you.

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone. I would love to get everyone to use their holiday spirit to donate items and give babies and toddlers the amazing, worry-free holidays they deserve. This drive is so important to me because 1 in 4 babies goes hungry each night, but we can help them by donating items and volunteering.
Here’s a wishlist provided by ICS. This gives the children such an amazing holiday, free from worries that young children should never have to face, and everyone deserves a wonderful holiday season.
If you can, please bring to the Giving Tree at the Student Center:
New or gently used toys
Baby bottles,
Sippy cups
Gently used childrens clothing
Monetary donations
The drive will take place December 11-15, which is next week, in the mornings and I just want you to know that I’m so excited to introduce you all to this drive, so just thank you all so much in advance for helping a child in need to have a happy holiday.

UD HFHD Details
 The Hope for the Holidays Drive UD chapel speech by Katherine and the fourth grade speakers started the drie at tje UD division.  The speech took place on Wednesday, December 6.  The ICS Baby Mobile will pick-up the UD donations on December 14th after they pick up the PD donations at 10:00 am. As the drive continues until the 15th, Katherine will take last minute donations to ICS at the end of the day of December 15th.

UD Hope for the Holidays Drive volunteers early morning shift is from 7:15-7:55  No chapel should be missed!

Monday: December 11: Katherine, Ellie, Hannah
Tuesday, December 12: Katherine, Ellie, Hannah
Wednesday, December 13: Katherine, Ellie, Hannah
Thursday, December 14: Katherine, Ellie, Hannah
The ICS Baby Mobile will pick up donations from the PD and the UD at a time TBA by Katherine
Friday, December 15: Katherine, Ellie, Hannah

ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive in LD and PD

Santa Sammy by Hannah H.'19

The fourth graders made posters and gave a LD chapel speech accompanied by YAC Vice-President Katherine S.'19.  The drive began Friday, December 1st and will end on December 12th.  On December 13th, selected 4th graders will deliver the donations to Infant Crisis Services with Mrs. France and Mrs. Freeland. Special thanks to Mrs. Freeland for helping pack the donations and to our staff for transporting the donations boxes from the tree to the caravan of cars that will deliver the LD kindness. generosity, and compassion to ICS.


UD volunteers at the LD report to duty at 7:15 and stay until 7:55.  No one is excused from attending chapel
Friday, December 1:  Mrs. Clay
Monday, December 4:  Mrs. Clay
Tuesday, December 5: Mrs. Clay
Wednesday, December 6: Katherine S. 
Thursday, December 7: Volunteers Needed
Friday, December 8: Isabela P. and Ava R.
Monday: December 11: Volunteers Needed
Tuesday, December 12: Claire R.
Wednesday, December 13: Volunteers Needed.  
4th graders will transport donations in cars driven by Mrs. France and Mrs. Freeland.  Loading will start at 10:30 and leave for ICS at 11:10 

The Primary Division also started the ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive on December 1.  The ICS Baby Mobile will pick-up the PD and UD donations on December 14th. High School students volunteer on a daily basis to remind the little donors to bring needed items for Oklahoma infants and toddlers in need.


UD volunteers at the PD report to duty at 7:30 and stay until 8:15  
Volunteers are excused from UD Chapel to help PD donors and teachers

Friday, December 1:  Sahanya B. and Anna B.
Monday, December 4:  Sharun P. and Malavika R.
Tuesday, December 5: Volunteers Needed
Wednesday, December 6: Sharun P. 
Thursday, December 7: Volunteers Needed
Friday, December 8: Volunteers Needed
Monday: December 11: Sharun P. and Malavika R.
Tuesday, December 12: Volunteers Needed
Wednesday, December 13: Sharun P. and Malavika R.
Thursday, December 14: Volunteers Needed
The ICS Baby Mobile will pick up donations from the PD at 10:00 am on Thursday, December 14,2017.