Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy 2018

As we begin the New Year 2018, I echo the thoughts of Wendy Silvers, founder of the Million Mamas Movement, in my hopes and wishes for our school, our beautiful Oklahoma City, and our world.

"May the true essence and celebration of Chanukah Solstice Christmas and Kwanzaa ~ miracles, light everlasting, love, peace, mercy, forgiveness, generosity, creativity, eternal life, universal principles, draw us close. 

May the manmade borders of separatism ~ bigotry, hatred, racism, sexism, ageism, patriotism, elitism, religiosity, power over and war ~ dissolve in our hearts and minds. 

May we seed a global heart that nurtures and nourishes the thriving and flourishing of each of us, who represent the One of us, in the most life-affirming and deepest ways. 

May all women, mothers, girls, and boys everywhere have freedoms and be cherished. 

May our boys, men, and world leaders be guided to know that violence is not the solution but a cause of bitterness and choose differently. 

May we, the people, be so inspired, informed and educated about who we really are that we would never harm another or be less than our magnificent selves. 

May we, the people, recognize, re-know, that we elected the officials, and that we can disrupt the status quo of policies and legislation that are not healthy for us through our conscious awareness, votes and buying choices. 

May all know that there is no power greater or stronger than the power of LOVE. LOVE is the SOULution. LOVE is the Healer, the Revealer, the Restorer, the Unifier, the Liberator. Let LOVE rule. Let LOVE lead the way. LOVE is the one note that everything in this multi-dimensional Universe always vibrates to. 

Choose LOVE! See LOVE! Speak LOVE! Be LOVE!"