Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday Memories of Food Drive 2017

The Casady Cans Do Food and Fund Drive 2017 ends tomorrow. Please bring cans or money.  Thank you for 2,614 meals collected.

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Thursday, A Day, November 2nd: Dress Warm, Dia de los Muertos
Upper (7:15-8:15): Graeme J.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Malavika R.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Claire R., Ellie G.
Primary (7:30-8:15): Liz W. Evie W.

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Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Friday, B Day, November 3rd.  Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15): Isabela P., Tina N., Reese R.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie G.
Primary Walk of Hope: UD students dressed in can costumes needed to help the Red Wagon Primary Walk of Hope to the Food Bank Trailer. Contact Mrs. Clay if interested.
Pre-K: 10:00 am
Kindergarten 11:00 am

Upper Division Chapel Food-4-Food Give Away
Winners: Luke A., Will B. and Jackson W.

UD Volunteers

Middle Division Volunteers

I can, You can, WE all can DONATE cans

Primary Division Volunteer 

8:15 UD Volunteers

Fund delivered to the Business Office