Thursday, November 2, 2017

 Thursday’S RESULTS

6,924.50 👀❤ meals
Food Drive Spreadsheet here

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Friday, B Day, November 3rd.  Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15): Isabela P., Tina N., Reese R.,Ava R.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie G.
Primary Walk of Hope
Pre-K: 10:15 am
Kindergarten 11:00 am

7:15 am, Freshmen volunteers ready at their post in the Upper Division

Middle Division Volunteers ready to receive donations to maintain their first place standing.
At the end of the day, the MD was still ahead of the Upper Division

Highly Enthusiastic MD Food Drive Cheerleaders!

Our Fight Hunger Advocate at the LD

The Primary Division Volunteers