Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 7th meeting agenda and minutes

Facilitator: Claire Richardson.  No pictures or notes taken.
Minutes by Mrs. Clay
Attendance by sign-up sheet.  No photographers
Seniors:  None
Juniors: Claire R.
Sophomores: Saadia R., Reese R.
Freshmen:  Isabela P., Lauren W., Tina N., Ava R.

1. Activity: Wellness Activity by Ali  Ali suggested to do a labyrinth wall when feeling stressed.  She was not able to attend the meeting because of the art club field trip.  Participants at the meeting decided not to walk the labyrinth yesterday because it was too cold.

YAC 2016-2017
2. Reflection of Students Against Hunger Food and Fund Drive  - Individual reflections at PADLET or text Mrs. Clay
Great collaborative effort.  Good results.  Saadia asked about the cost of the gift cards.  The gift cards were donations from the restaurants.  Special thanks to Ava who solicited the "Food-4-Food" cards and had her mother drive her to picked them up.
The final money donation was increase Monday by a $50 donations and after the YAC meeting Mrs. Clay will transfer $100 from the Casady Service-Learning to the final total of the food drive.

Natalie Wood, the Food Drive Speaker sent the following email,


I hope you are doing well! I wanted to let you know that your students donated 2,767 pounds of food during the food drive! We are so thankful for your generous support over the years. With this food, we will be able to stock several pantries’ shelves with food before the holidays.

Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a tour to a group of Casady 4th graders. They were extremely well-behaved and asked wonderful questions. You have such a great group of students enrolled in Casady Schools.

Thank you for all you do to fight hunger in the state!

Natalie Price Wood
Manager of Donor Relations
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
 - Delivery of check to Food Bank: The business office will mail one check for the total amount of cash donated during the drive as well as all individual checks made to the regional Food Bank of Oklahoma this coming Thursday, 11/08/2017
-Alumni Volunteering at the Food Bank, Wednesday, 11/8/2017: Mrs. Clay will volunteer at Food Bank with Casady Alumni on Wednesday.  Any students wishing to get some hours are welcomed to attend.
-Suggestions for next year:  
-Make a can costume.  Ruby B. purchased the materials but did not have time to make it this year.
-Repair the existing costumes
-Consider "Advisory Hunger Games" for next year

3. Upcoming projects

a. Wednesday, November 15th: Sharun's Project:  HALO Therapy Dogs, November 15th  (Mrs. Clay away.  Mrs. Johnson Supervisor)  The dogs will come to Harper.  Hope YAC will participate. Sharun was unable to attend the meeting because she was having lunch with author, Marolyn Stout.

b. Urban Mission Santa's House:
Christmas Shop:
December 11-14
Morning Shift  7:45 am -12:00 pm, Afternoon Shift   12:00 pm -2:30 pm ( they have the option to work the entire day).

Santa’s Recycle Shop:
December 18-19
Same shifts as Christmas Shop

Urban Mission Christmas Dinner:
December 20
Meal served at 12:00 pm. Volunteers will need to arrive no later than 9:00 am.

The contact person is

Cynthia Lytle
Community Development, Director
Urban Mission Ministries
301 North 5th Street
Steubenville, OH 43952

  • Mrs. Clay will be away, therefore, groups should bring a supervising adult.  If you want service credit, text or PADLET reflection and picture of your volunteer experience.

c. Wednesday, December 13th: Blood Drive 2017
YAC Senior/Junior Project:  Blood Drive:  Facilitators needed.  Claire Richarson will lead it. Ali Ambrose, Ellison Guzzy considering the possibility.  They will let us know.  Mrs. Clay will send an email to all YAC and see if there are any more seniors or juniors interested in facilitating this drive.  Mrs. Clay will be away in Boston.  Mr. David Crawford, Blood Bank Coordinator will be the adult supervising and facilitating the drive.  His contact information is
David Crawford <>
Oklahoma Blood Institute
Office:   (405) 419-1356

1. Letter to Casady Community  will be written by secretaries Anna and Malavika
2. December 5th: Introduce the speaker- Mrs. HL Hanneman  One of the facilitators of the drive.  This is one of the suggested videos for the UD.  Looking for videos for the MD where students will be motivated to ask their teachers and parents to donate.

3. Place posters around campus  All YAC should help.  We should have posters by November 28th
4. Get donors to sign-up at main office and bring permission slips  We will ask Mrs. Milligan to help the week before, but facilitators should take the list early morning on the 13th. 
5. Provide Blood Drive volunteer with back to class passes for donors.  Mrs. Clay will make them and give them to Blood Bank Coordinator of the Drive, David Crawford. He will be at the YAC meeting on Tuesday, November 28th.

d. Katherine S.'s ICS Hope for the Holidays project: December 11-15, Chapel Speech, December 6  ON PARKING LOT... Katherine was not there.  Katherine will work with 4th graders.  It is a 4th grade drive that includes UD, LD and PD.  The MD has other holiday projects, one of them is fundraising to send a kid to school in Uganda.
1. Chapel speech, December 6th
2. Volunteer Sign ups: Volunteers for all divisions  7:15-7:55 (Inside, just to remind the kids to bring donations and place them under the Xmas tree
3. Process: Donors, incentives (talk to coach T.), Volunteers follow trough- pictures/reflection for credit
4. Letters to Casady community  Secretaries could help
5. Training of 4th graders  Suggestion to include volunteers to remind PD donors

 1 Grant exploration for Wheelchair Track for Johnson Elementary:  Saadia and Aaron will meet with Oklahoma City grant writer and Johnson Elementary principal to explore possibilities Thursday, 11/09/2017 during activities at Harper.

2. Mr. Moore's Global Pedagogy Instruction (GPI): Aurian K. is the ambassador of this project at Casady School.  This project provides musical instrument instruction to children of poverty in Haiti.
Their first trip to Haiti demonstrated that the commitment to kids in poverty to learn musical instruments is strong.  Their desire to learn is met with the obstacle of not having instruments or instructors.  GPI is an emerging organization that is developing collaborations with The Road to Hope, Richard Harris from the Denver, Harris Law Firm, founder.  Colorado Academy sent students to Haiti already.  GPI is also talking to Global Students Health and  Cura for the World as part of their initiative to obtain funding by providing data to the research of the health effect of music and music education on children of poverty. 
Phase I:  
5k fundraiser to buy instruments and provide internet connect and computers to Haiti school children to receive instruction from OKC/Cyclone volunteers via Skype
Fundraiser will take place at Mitch Park on May 5th
Walkers who will solicit sponsors needed.   No conflict with Walk-A-Thon because this year, this event will be in April.
A representative from this project will came to the YAC meeting the first Tuesday in December.
Phase II
Volunteers needed to teach musical instruments via Skype to children in Haiti. 

YAC approve this project to be added to our calendar.  Coach T. and Dr. Powell were notified of this new service-learning opportunity.

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