Thursday, November 9, 2017

Final Results from the Business Office and the Food Bank

Total meals donated in 2017= 16,203.6
Special thanks to Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Jenkins for their help counting cash and making the check that went to the Food Bank on 11/9/2017

We wrote a check to the food bank for $2064.55 and enclosed $715.00 in checks made out directly to the food bank.  The total of the two is $2779.55 is the equivalent of 13,897.75 meals. 

From Natalie Wood, 
Manager of Donor Relations of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

$2,779.55 (5)= 13,897.75 meals
2,767 pounds in cans/1.2= 2,305 meals
Total meals donated in 2017= 16,203.6