Wednesday, October 4, 2017

YAC meeting 10/3/2017

10/3/17 meeting went throughout the entire activities period.   Expect meetings with relationship building activities to last the whole period.
Attended the meeting:
Freshmen:  Sophia Mathis, Katherine H., Grace U., Gabriella K.
Lauren W. Isabela P., Tina N.
Juniors:  Liz W., Evi W, Aliyah A.Meg B.,Ellison G.
Seniors: Sharun P., Mariam S.
Sophomores:  Aaron P.

Minutes by Elli and Mrs. Clay

-We played the game, skittles, to get to know each other. We learned about favorite foods, goals, and embarrassing moments

-Then, we looked at leaderships styles with compass.  The team for the Food Drive has representatives from all compass quadrants.  
The Food Drive planning started asking the freshmen present at last meeting if they would consider leading the Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2017.  Lauren W., Tina N., and Isabela P. will be the head facilitators of the Food Drive.  All freshmen present at 10/3/2017 meeting will help the 9th grade facilitators.  YAC members should be involved in one way or another. If you Give TIME you will RECEIVE TIME when your DRIVE time comes.  Freshmen present at 10/3/2017 meeting:  Sophia M., Katherine H., Grace U., Gabriella K., Lauren W. Isabela P., Tina N.

For the Freshman Food Drive Team to read
click Here  to read about the Food Drive 2016 (only as a point of reference...We are looking forward to "The freshman 2017 Touch" for the Food Drive 2017).  

-First idea at last YAC meeting was a competition of some kind.  An idea was for daily winners to get first access to salad bar..."Food-4-Food"  Every idea needs to be submitted to Coach T. and Dr. Powell in writing.

-Secretaries will write the letter to parents.  

-Hospitality chair will help the secretaries. 
-Maybe the treasurer could write a make a difference grant for activities benefiting the Food Bank and Boys and Girls Club this week.

-October 28th is Make a Difference Day.  Costume party at Boys and Girls Club was a personal project proposed by the Co-Presidents at the last meeting. This activity, if it happens will take place on Friday, October 27th.  Boys and Girls Club is closed on Saturday, October 28th.  YAC could go to the Food Bank on the 28th as the 30th begins YAC's Food Drive.  YAC members can sign-up at YAC Wall beginning next week.  The calendar coordinator needs to contact both organizations to see if their organizations will welcome YAC on those days.

Suggestions from the Food Bank for the Casady Food Drive 2017
Visit the Teacher Toolkit, which has resources to help engage your students and help make your drive successful.  Please let me know if you:
·         Would like to schedule a speaker to talk to your students
·         Want to volunteer with…
o    Your class, as a field trip or on a weekend
o   Family/Friends, birthdays and get-togethers
·         Have any questions  Contact Natalie Price Wood, Manager of Donor Relations, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma,, 405-600-3174

2. Fall Fest and Wild life drive during Fall Fest:  
-Ellie proposed a bake sale as a Wild Life Drive during Fall Fest.  
-Jenga is the game YAC wants to play to attract people to the booth.  
-Mrs. Clay will bring the game- she will borrow the game from Boys and Girls Club. 
-Jenga money goes to YAC (How will this work. We need more ideas to make money for YAC operating budget).  Bake sale proceeds goes to Wild Life.  Last year we made $30 because there were so many baked good sold.  Good ideas with some hurdles to overcome.

3. Peace Week-Peace Day  ON PARKING LOT
Article for Shinnyo-en Foundation by Secretaries.  See what happened HERE.  Mrs. Clay thanked YAC for their facilitation of speakers and helping assemble PD students and LD girl scouts pinwheels for Peace.  Special thanks with small tokens of appreciation went to Luke, the UD, MD Choir, and choir teachers at all division, and the UD Orchestra as well as the teachers involved (UD:  Mr. Delgrosso: Water Walk, Mrs. Bek-gram: Human Rights and Deputy Justin Dang: Economic Justice speeches, MD: Mrs. Robertson-Sentiments of Peace and introduction of speakers: International Club, Mrs. Hubert: Art Class Pinwheels for peace, Mrs. Omelia: Service Club banners to those who served on 9/11; LD: Mrs. Thompson: Being in someone else's shoes project, Mrs. Lopez: Peace Movement in Spanish classes; PD: Mrs. Fowler -Pinwheels manager- and Mrs.  Matias for peace song.  Special thanks to Mr. Curt Foster and Mr. Marshall Palmer for the Peace Day and Peace Week 2017 Videos and to Mr. Mark Coate for the Peace Sign and Labyrinth.

4. Hurricane Relief ON PARKING LOT
The Pinwheels for Peace Project has been contacted to see where the "ruler pinwheels" could be useful in Florida.

5. Mentoring updates ON PARKING LOT

a. Best Buddies
From Zac:  Everyone PLEASE do membership app if you haven't yet!
Listed below are the minutes for the Best Buddies meeting Friday, September 29th at Activities

In case you missed it today, the Best Buddies meeting covered what we're gonna accomplish for the upcoming year! 

-First, we're gonna visit Special Care and meet kids. 
-After we have visited, I'm gonna interview anyone that wants a buddy. 
-Anyone that has a buddy will be called a peer buddy, but if you don't want a buddy that's perfectly fine! You will be an associate member and there's plenty of opportunities within the club besides having a buddy. 
-We will have a matching party for people who want Buddies. 
-We also need a secretary, treasurer, and a special event committee for planning future monthly events. 
-Let Zac know if you want a position and a buddy, thanks guys!

 People who attended: 

Grace utz
Olivia utz
Katherine hawley
Gabri Karam
Katherine Schoeffler
Sara Gibson
Nia Blackwell
Margo Naifeh
Chloe richards
Sarah Bozalis

b. Positive Directions @ Stanley Hupfeld Academy

Only one complete application and contract
We have a total of 5 applications.  Contracts need to be turned in.  
Katherine needs to find a partner.
We will have a meeting with Tobi tomorrow during Activities at Harper