Saturday, October 7, 2017

Million Youth Peace March, Washington - Youth Action March OKC Connected

The Million Youth Peace March International's mission is

  • To rid bullying and violence by developing Youth Peace Ambassadors who inspire "World Peace" & Unconditional Love

  • To restore hope & confidence within the family, and to prepare our youth through education and  economic empowerment

  • To bridge the gap between our youth, their communities and their leaders who pledge to serve and protect them. Check more HERE

This was completely planned & organized by youth, for youth. This was a nationwide event that OKC supported. The March intended to turn political hopelessness into political empowerment. "No matter your age, you have a tremendous ability to move your city, your state, and your country in a more inclusive and forward-looking direction - whether by engaging our government or working with non-governmental organizations."  

The Youth Action March was a chance to stand up for what you believe in, send a strong signal to local, state, and federal government, and most importantly, take critical steps to getting involved with real action that can change your community.  

The Youth Action March brought together people who want to work toward a better society and organizations that need your help to keep fighting for change.  Milley V.'18 was one of the program organizers and Luke A.'18 was a featured speaker  Luke is the President of the Casady Chapter of Youth and Government and Milley is with You Go Girl

You Go Girl, an online publication dedicated to promoting female empowerment, educational autonomy,political actuality, exploration of personal and social identity through writing visual arts performance art.  Contact

Cyclones at the Youth Action March

Saturday was a splash of hope in my face in what seems like a hurricane of horrid events these days. The day helped remind me how many incredible young people are out there and ready to fight for the future. We will never be alone in our quest for a better state, country, and world. I'm so excited to see my generation's women leap over the obstacles and take charge in these efforts. Though the present might seem bleak, if you squint your eyes, you can see a future brighter than a billion suns, and I can't wait. :)



Teens spoke on behalf of personal causes such as DACA, provided Oklahoma statistics on women's issues such as leadership in the political process, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, and human trafficking rates in OKC.  The Native American teen speakers made us think about our adherence to Columbus Day, certain Halloween costumes, and names of football teams, as well as the "Native American" identity significance of the land run.  The messages, coming from youth committed voices to social change and economic justice, were very powerful.