Thursday, October 26, 2017

I can...  You can...  We can...
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October 30th - November 3, 2017

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Monday D Day
Upper (7:15-8:15) : Mariam, Safra
Middle(7:15-8:15): Cate R., Dylan V., Anna B.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Claire R. Ellie, Hannah H.
Primary (7:30-8:15): Lauren, Ava, Yasmin

Father Blizzard has excused the volunteers from chapel.  They will be motivating students and faculty to donate.  
*Volunteers will count cans and monetary donations.  
*The monetary donations will be left with the Administrative Assistants in the Primary, Lower, and Middle Divisions.  
*UD volunteers will take the money box to Mrs. Jenkins.  Mrs. Clay will pick-up monetary donations from administrative assistants daily and take them to Mrs. Jenkins at Blaik.   At the end of the drive, a check for the total of Casady donations will be delivered to the Food Bank by  YAC members volunteering at the Volunteer Center on Saturday, November 4th.  
*The can donations will be transported to the Food Bank by their trailer, which is scheduled to arrive on campus, today, Friday 10/27/2017.