Sunday, October 29, 2017

Food Drive Volunteers still needed

Email sent to division directors, administrative assistants and drive volunteers on 10/29/2017

Thank you very much for participating in the Casady Cans Do, Students Against Hunger Food and Fund Drive 2017.

Please find below, UD students who will miss chapel to help with the Food Drive needs at different divisions.  
They are expected:
1. To be on time to their post.  Sign in and out on giant posted notes. Be on time to class at 8:30 am.
2. Help as needed (Wear can costume, remind donors to bring cans or money, count cans, count money, take pictures and/or videos, reflect their experience on PADLET)
3. Money boxes should be left with 
PD: Mrs. Dillier Inline image 1, LD: Mrs. Steinke Inline image 2, 
MD: Mrs. Goodwin Inline image 3.  UD: Mrs. Jenkins at Blaik Hall Inline image 4

4. Cans in the UD, MD, LD will be picked up by staff after 8:30 a.m. and taken to the Food Bank trailer, which is parked at the MD parking lot.  The PD has a Walk of Hope and they take all their cans to the trailer personally.

YAC invites you to follow the drive at  Thank you!

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Monday D Day, October 30 - Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15) : Mariam, Safra(late), Cate R., Isabela
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Claire R. Ellie, Hannah H., Anna B. (Full)
Primary (7:30-8:15): Lauren, Ava, Yasmin

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Tuesday E Day, October 31 - Dress Warm,  Happy Halloween
Upper (7:15-8:15) : Isabela, Tina, Eva
Middle(7:15-8:15): Cooper
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie, Hannah H.
Primary (7:30-8:15): Liz, Evie, Ali

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Wednesday F Day, November 1st, Dress Warm, All Souls Day
Upper (7:15-8:15) : 
Middle(7:15-8:15): Ava, Isabela
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie, Evie
Primary (7:30-8:15): Claire R., Chris G.

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Thursday, A Day, November 2nd: Dress Warm, Dia de los Muertos
Upper (7:15-8:15): Ava, Graeme J.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Malavika
Lower(7:15-8:15): Claire R., Ellie
Primary (7:30-8:15): Liz W. Evie W

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Friday, B Day, November 3rd.  Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15): Isabela, Tina, Reese R.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie
Primary: (Walk of Hope at TBA)  Students dressed in cans needed to make the walk a bit more special for the Primary students.