Sunday, September 24, 2017

World Peace Weekend

We have critical information for you from Agent HQ...
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Dear Agents of Compassion,
This year’s Global Unity Compassion Games coopetition has truly been off the charts. After 15 days, the World Peace Weekend is upon us.
When you’re done playing, share your experience on the Compassion Report Map. Explore the tremendous gifts of loving-kindness and compassion taking place all over the globe. 
The World Peace and Global Unity campaign encourage us to “synchronize globally” and “organize locally.” Our theme has been building bridges to peace, prosperity and the planet.

We are humbled and inspired by the commitment from people all over the world to collaborate across divides, unify to share intentions, and act to create a peaceful and loving world.

The Compassion Games let’s us “gamify” our compassionate actions through the fun of a coopetition. There are events and activities happening all over the world, add or discover one on the Peace Event map here.

Saturday is Global Solutions Day a day dedicated to identifying and co-creating a platform for sharing the myriad of solutions already exist.  
On Sunday, there is a Globally Synchronized Meditation taking place at 12 PM PDT.  If you are in the Pacific Northwest on Sunday there is a Walk for Reconciliation.

Reaching More People Than Ever!

The “Compassion Games Climate Change” video has been viewed oer 6 million times and shared over 119,000 times.  Let’s see if we can have this watched 10,000,000 Times! Let’s share widely.

Compassion Relay of Champions

Warm up your spirit; visit the Global Fireplace. Let the passion and fire of many Champions of Compassion fuel your spirit.  Then grab the closest “Compassion Torch” (any flame can be a Compassion Torch) and play Build a Global Fire by sharing your commitment to loving-kindness and compassion.

Daily “Secret” Missions

The 2017 Global Unity missions are inspired by the principles of permaculture. They encourage us to create a new story of who we are and our lives here together on Planet Earth. (These missions are “secret” since some agents do their good deeds anonymously. Do as you see fit!). Visit all the missions here.

24 Hours of Champions of Compassion

On the International Day of Peace, we stayed calm and shared the work of amazing champions of compassion from all over the globe.  Bridges to Peace are bringing built by organizations and projects such as the Peace Pledge Project and Combatants for Peace.
Prosperity is being created in Compassionate Cities all around the world. In this coopetition we birthed the Compassionate Cities League. We witnessed first hand the power of connecting cities within a region. We visited with Compassionate Netherlands and the different mayors and cities working to build a compassionate region.
Louisville and Dallas took their rivalry to a new level and Compassionate Australia declared itself committed to being the first “compassionate continent!” On the International Day of Peace, they launched Compassionate Gold Coast as the first of a number of Compassionate Cities emerging throughout Australia.
The Cities League is also building bridges to many other city initiatives such as Resilient Cities, Smart Cities, International Cities of Peace. We passed the Compassion Torch to Sol Trumbo Vila is managing the Transformative Cities initiative being organized by the Transnational Institute
The future of the planet belongs to our youth and their children. The wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples is essential and vital for us to collectively learn how to Protect and Restore our Mother Earth. At The Hague, we passed the Compassion Torch on the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Rights of the Indigenous People. 
We passed the Compassion Torch to the Synergized Earth Network a global value-driven and commitment-based intergenerational network of networks bringing together and synergizing the aligned and unique complementary contributions for social change and sustainable development in all segments of society on a local, national, regional and global level.

Agents of Compassion...
We've officially made it to the World Peace Weekend!

During both days of the World Peace Weekend (September 23-24), Compassion Games partner, UNIFY, is hosting Global Synchronized Meditations as a direct expression of the New Story of our time. Together, millions of people around the world will synchronize their minds through the power of meditation, holding within our collective spirit the vision of a peaceful, prosperous, unified Human Family.

Together we will unify over 2,000 communities around the world to engage in synchronized meditations and peace-actions. The collective ripple-effect of our intention and action will inspire compassionate acts and service projects, and will be visualized on our world-wide interactive Event Peace Map. By illuminating these events and activities we are creating opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting.

Agents, take a moment to view the Event Peace Map, and try to identify meditations happening near you that you can attend!

If there aren't any events near you, you can host your own or simply meditate from wherever you are!
Remember to report and share your experiences on the
Compassion Report Map!

Good luck, Agents!

 We pass the Compassion Torch to United Earth today! Join United Earth today LIVE and participate in Global Solutions Day! 

Learn more about United Earth in this Champion Spotlight Article HERE.
On The International Day of Peace, we completed the first EVER 24 Hours of Compassion with 24 different Champions Of Compassion and 24 Missions. Can the world stay calm for 24 hours? Your welcome to bring 24 Hours of Compassion into World Peace Weekend too! The Compassion Report Map is open to report on October 2nd! Game on! #24Hours #BuildngBridges #CompassionUnites
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