Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21: Peace Day

Memories of Peace Week 2017 HERE

What are you doing for Peace Today?

Peace Day Out of Uniform 
Wear a Peace, Spirit, or a place you volunteered t-shirt
Peace Day Observances around Campus

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7:00-7:45  UD Peace Walk and Breakfast.  Walkers meet in front of Chapel by Peace Sign

UD Chapel: Casady Choir Performs.  

MD Choir performs on Peace Day 2017
9:45 MD Chapel Chapel  Casady MD Choir performs "Imagine" 

10:00 am  Peace One Day Pinwheels

10:30 am Primary Division Observance of Peace Day 2017 at Playground


11:45: Service-Learning at Oklahoma Centennial High School (Aaron P., Yasmin H., Sophia M.)

1:10 Activities: Happy Movie, Miller 4. Facilitator: Dr. Torres  Butterfly Garden Blue Labyrinth Self-Guided Peace Walks

2:40  Lower Division Observance of Peace Day during Chapel Time

6:00 pm UNOKC Observance of Peace Day at State Capitol Steps