Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 20: Disarmament Day


YAC armed the second grade Girl Scout Pinwheels and the PD Pinwheels
2nd Grade Girl Scout Peacemakers Troop Peace Pinwheels @ Casady Chapel on Disarmament Day

YAC Vice-President Ellison Guzzy introduced our YAC Disarmament Day speaker. The Disarmament Day Chapel speaker is Mr. Jim McPhee.  Mr. McPhee is a member of St.Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Oklahoma City.  He is an active member of their Spiritual Formation and Direction Ministry, which focuses on contemplative and meditative practices that enhance the spiritual life.  
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Thursday, September 21st
Peace Day Out of Uniform Wear a Peace, Spirit, or a place you volunteered t-shirt
Peace Day Observances around Campus
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7:00 am     UD Peace Walk and Breakfast.  Walkers gather in front of Chapel by the Peace Sign. Song by Sara A.  Halo dog "Sugar" will lead the Peace Walk. Facilitated by YAC Ali A.

9:30 am     MD plants sentiments of peace by "Words Statue" before Chapel. Facilitated by Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Clay

10:00 am   MD Pinwheels for Peace at Peace Sign in front of Chapel  Facilitated by Mrs. Huber

10:30 am   PD Pinwheels Blessing and Observance at Playground facilitated by Mrs. Fowler & Mrs. Mathias 

2:40 pm     LD Observance of Peace Day facilitated by Mrs. Hazel Lopez

6:00 pm United Nations Peace Day Observance at the State Capitol Steps 
Casady Peace Pinwheels and Hearts transported to Capitol at 4:00 pm