Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16: Children and Youth Day

Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids Third Saturday in September

JOIN CASADY SERVICE LEARNING AT 3535 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 TODAY FROM 10:00-2:30 PM

Day for Kids is a national day of celebration that invites YOU to join Boys & Girls Clubs in making a difference for kids in your community. For more than a decade, adults and kids alike have participated in Day for Kids events as a way to advocate for youth. Day for Kids is a celebration of the life-changing work taking place at Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation and a reminder that one day can change a child’s future.

Mr. A Jaye Johnson invited Casady Cyclones to participate in the Day for Kids TODAY, September 16 at Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park, 3535 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

The Casady YAC/Service-Learning Booth will have the following activities

1. Peace Rock Art

2. Pinwheels for Peace for me and for the Capitol Steps on Peace Day 9/21/2017

3. Rock Band by Cade J. and Devon J.

Memories of Day for Kids

Boys and Girls Club planted the pinwheels that welcomed Club members to the Day for Kids

OCU students facilitated the Casady Pinwheels for Peace Booth

Boys and Girls Club and OCU volunteers facilitated the Peace Rocks  Activity

Panda House and Boys and Girls Club Staff served lunch at the Club's Kitchen during Day for Kids 2017

Dance Lessons and Bike Give Away during Day for Kids

Boys and Girls Club members donated their pinwheels for Peace Day at State Capitol, 6:00 pm on 9/21 and for school in Florida

Cyclones manpower the Rock Band Booth during Day for Kids at Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park

The Peace Path from Casady Girl Scouts hosting the finished Pinwheels for Peace donated by some members of the club

PD Lavender Class thoughts of Peace on their Pinwheels for Peace.  Thoughts provided 9/12/17 as they prepared their Pinwheels for the International Day of Peace 

1. Cora: Mommy, Orange, My Toys, My Dad, Alex, Mary...My Friends give me peace
2. Clare: What makes you happy? Colors, Blue, Mama.  Mama is coming
3. Connor:  Me like Salt Trucks, Trucks, Mommy, Daddy, and Claire, Paw Paw, GaGa.
4. Noah F.:  Mommy (He spelled it!), Thomas the train, That guy (points to Connor), Caleb and Daddy
5. Lorelei: Jessica's House, Ms. Linda's house, My mommy, father and dog, Me and Gabriel playing
6. Alex: When Zac lets me play, Mommy, Smiles, Purple
7. Mary: My blanky; it's pink and has a 'y'.  My daddy is Christopher. My mommy is Elizabeth.  To color 
8. Noah B.: Going to TyTy and Simees House, Daddy and School, Mommy, My Babies
9. Will V-K: An escalator...up high, Playdough, School, Mommy
10. Noah G.: Mommy and Daddy, School, My Brother, My Cousin
11. Ella: What makes you happy?  When someone shares with you, Kindness, Peace-Ella, Happiness. Ella made me a tiger.
12. Being with my daughter, Getting my hair washed, Yoga, Mrs. Marquardt, Road Trips
13. Claire- I am going on a boat trip.  I like going outside.  Hearts are my favorite to draw.  I like the colors of the rainbow
14. Avery- Hearts are my favorite to draw.  I like being peaceful, doing yoga.  I like watching rainbow after the rain stops. I like my Nana and Papa
15. Emma: A heart, Staying in bed makes me peaceful. Snowflakes, Rainbows
16. Tavi: Casady School and everyone, I like.  Mining up gold and a diamond in Minecraft. My big truck carrying a big load. Olden times when they didn't have cars.

Mrs. Howell's Class
1. Zoey: Sleeping in my bed makes me happy and peaceful.  Eating maccaroni makes me happy. Riding in the truck makes me happy. Rainbows make me peaceful.
2. John: My bed makes me peaceful.  My school makes me peaceful. Catching butterflies makes me peaceful.  Sticking my head out the car window makes me peaceful. 
3. Maggie: My house makes me happy and peaceful.  My bed makes me peaceful. My dog, Scout makes me happy.  Flowers make me happy. 
4. Asa: Sleeping in my bed makes me peaceful. My mommy, daddy, and baby make me happy. Eating carrots makes me happy. Eating eggs makes me happy.
5. Amelia: A birthday party makes me happy. Sleeping makes me peaceful. Presents make me happy. Watching a movie makes me peaceful.
6.Mia: Sleeping in my big bed makes me happy and peaceful. Playing with my baby dolls makes me happy and peaceful. Sleeping with my new baby makes me happy. My beautiful bedroom makes me peaceful.
7.Grant: Feeding the giraffe and watching butterflies with my mom makes me happy and peaceful. Me and my mom reading a story makes me happy. Building with legos, without my brother knocking them down makes me happy.My mom and dad hugging makes me peaceful and happy.
8.Brooks: Sandwiches and food make me peaceful. Lots of circles inside of other makes peaceful. A hand tracing robot makes me happy and makes hands. 2 robots walking around makes me peaceful.
9.Sadie: Ferris Wheels makes me happy. Friends make me peaceful. Merry-go-rounds make me peaceful. My daddy makes me happy and peaceful. 
10. No name: Pink stars. My green blankies make me happy. Starts make me happy because I am scared of the dark. The blanket on the bed makes me happy. 
11. Leia: It makes me happy to lay down by my mom. Snorkeling with my family makes me happy. Rainbows make me happy. Watching people make gue with my sister and brother on the i-pad makes me peaceful.
12. Alex: Being with my cousin makes me happy and peaceful. Watching movies makes me peaceful. Being with my dad makes me happy. Going to Casady makes me happy.
13. Hannah: My house makes me happy. Snow and snowmen make me happy. Rainbow colors make me happy. Ballerinas make me happy.