Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13th Environment and Character Day

 Mr. Mark Delgrosso, Biology instructor, invited Cyclones to observe environment day by participating in a Walk-4-Water. Junior Sahanya B. attended the National Service-Learning Conference in Anaheim last year and brought the idea of a Walk -4- Water from the conference.  Sahanya provided Mr. Delgrosso with the following statistical data for his speech, "Over one billion people across the globe need to walk an average of 3.5 miles to obtain water, not necessarily clean drinking water, just water."

Mr. Delgrosso had a personal observation, "the unused water in our toilets is probably cleaner than most of the world's drinking water."  Mr. Delgrosso was in the Peace Corps in Central African Republic and saw first hand the extremities to which many were forced to obtain water.  

13 students and 4 faculty members participated in the Walk-4-Water activity.

September 13th was also Character Day.  

Senior Jackson D. spoke at chapel in observance of the Discipline Committee Elections and the Casady Honor Code.  Discipline committee elections took place during Activities.

Image may contain: 1 person When I was asked to give a speech about honor, I was really scared of boring everyone in St. Edward’s chapel to death. After about 3 and a half minutes of panicky contemplation, I decided that this was inevitable, and that I would give a basic answer, to keep things short.

Here’s the thing: honor is often considered  a gift from one to another. Students graduate with honors, they are selected for honors classes, they are lauded for honoring their fellow classmates. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but often, we forget to honor ourselves in the process of honoring others. How do we honor ourselves? We don’t pat ourselves on the back, nor do we print out certificates off the internet to put honor on our own names. To honor ourselves, we display honesty in all of our pursuits. Right? That sounds like the textbook answer to me, and, to tell the truth, that’s all anyone can really tell. This is why honor seems to be talked about so much and understood so little.

No one can truly measure your integrity. It’s a deep-seated, abstract virtue that often goes unappreciated in those who have it and is thankfully hidden for those who don’t. But knowing your own integrity can be a point of massive pride.

Often, a lapse in integrity occurs when a feeling of deficiency arises. By forgoing perfect honesty, you can maintain a spotless exterior, and no one will ever know the wiser. But millions of lectures and messages from the administration can’t tell you as well as your own mind does. You have what it takes.

In preserving your personal honor, you have done your other tremendous qualities a service. We have all failed. We will all fail. And, believe it or not, no one truly has it all figured out. This might mean under-performing in a competition, or failing to meet parental expectations, or writing a REALLY bad speech twenty minutes before chapel starts. Believe me, I’ve been there.

In upholding your honor, you’re screaming to the heavens that your failures are not what makes you you, they are not a permanent resident of your existence, but they are simply turning points from which you can learn and grow.

So, know yourself. Recognize the control you have over some portions of your life, and acknowledge that fate will have its way with the others.

Casady’s honor code is in place to support you in this struggle to preserve personal honor. Always remember that we have your best interest in mind. This morning, I encourage you to honor yourself as well as others. Accept the fact that you have what it takes. See where that takes you.

After School Peace Makers Girl Scout Troop

Mrs. Adrienne Elder and her mother, Mrs. Susan Bruce (founder of the pinwheels for peace activity at Casady School) facilitated a meeting of a Girl Scout Troop.  The girls made Pinwheels for Peace and were introduced to the Peace Path, Peace Makers Training. Casady YAC Intern, Sharun P.  provided assistance to the girls with pinwheel making and learned about the Peace Path, Peer-Peer Peacemaker Program.  Sharun also spent time assembling Primary Division pinwheels for 9/21 International Day of Peace

"Peace Path - Peer-to-Peer Peacemaker  View file