Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mission 8: Transmuting Waste into Beauty

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In our previous mission, we just touched the surface on how nature utilizes biodiversity and a complex web of inter-relationships to ensure the conditions for life continue to thrive on our planet. We began to see how diversity within the human family is an expression of this same principle found in nature, and thus began to honor the extraordinary diversity found in our communities to strengthen our connections to one another.

Agents, it may come as no surprise that the insights and lessons that nature has to offer us in building a New Story go even further. Let’s take a look at another principle found in nature that is relevant to us in healing our world.

In nature, nothing is ever wasted. In fact, in an ecological sense (or Earth sense), there can be no concept of “waste.” Unless something literally leaves the planet, everything is eventually cycled back into the Earth’s waters, soils, and ecosystems one way or another. This means we cannot pollute the Earth without polluting ourselves.

However, in the Old Story, we are often taught to believe that something could be thrown “away.” “Garbage” in the form of plastic packaging or styrofoam, chemical toxins, and even food scraps from last night's dinner was once put into a special bin. And then, once a week, a big truck would come by to take the garbage somewhere. Where? Well, the Old Story never really said where it went!

But today, Agents, the landfills that once held all of this stuff are full. There isn’t any room left to hide our so-called “waste” - because nature doesn’t have any - and really, there wasn’t really ever an “away” to begin with, either. So, now, the New Story must reconsider the entire concept of waste altogether!

What does a human world without waste look like? How can we take something that was once considered broken, “garbage”, or worthless and turn it into something beautiful and useful again?
Our mission today, Agents, is to take something that was once considered “waste” and give it new life, usefulness, and even beauty!

This concept is sometimes referred to as “upcycling.” Many valuable resources considered waste can actually be salvaged and used for new projects. Wood from an old barn, for example, can be refinished and used as siding on a house, or even furniture. An old washing machine ring can be turned into a unique, enclosed fire pit. Check out UpcycleThat to explore some of the infinite possibilities!

(Note: It’s always preferred to donate or give away what we no longer need to others instead of tossing an item in the landfill. This is also a form of “upcycling.” And of course, let’s use this mission as a way to be more mindful about what we put into a landfill, what we recycle, and what food scraps can be composted as soil.)

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Good luck, Agents!

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