Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mission 7: Nourishing the Diversity of Life

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Yesterday, we began to see how biodiversity is the “insurance policy” of the natural world. If one species is not able to perform its role within an ecosystem - say, a bacteria in the soil that provides specifics nutrients to the roots of a plant - then there are many, many more microorganisms that will take its place. Biodiversity is a form of abundance and security, woven together by countless relationships that provide the conditions that allows all life to thrive.

Likewise, the human world - which is but a part of the natural world - benefits from the diversity within our own species. And diverse we are!

Agents, the New Story will require ALL of our strengths, which when brought together, vastly outweigh our individual weaknesses.

Yesterday, we asked a simple question about a person or group that is somehow labeled as being “different” than us.

We asked… “What is it like to be you?”
Let’s think back on our insights to this question.
Our mission today, Agents, is to reach out to this person or group in a gesture of peace, friendship, and celebration of our unity in diversity.

Such a gesture might come in many forms… such as a letter that lets a person know we are happy they are in our lives or community. We could bake them our favorite dessert, and give them a gift of some kind with note of its meaning to us. Or we could simply tell this person or group their importance to us in words of affirmation. Met with a friend from Peru and we talked about being an entrepreneurial woman and the challenges of being in a position of power.

Whatever the gesture of peace may be, know it will strengthen the connection between us and nourish the bonds of the New Story of our world!

Remember to report and share your experiences on the
Compassion Report Map!

Good luck, Agents!

The Champion Spotlight illuminates outstanding organizations and individuals around the world whose work is contributing to a more peaceful, just, and compassionate planet. These entities are known as Champions of Compassion.

We are thrilled for Day 8 of the Unity Games Relay
to highlight Reconciliation Canada!