Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mission 5: Unleashing the Life Around Us

We human beings are an inseparable expression of life itself. The life within us is but a vital reflection of the life around us, and within all living beings. We humans belong to life, and are here to be a beneficial presence to the Story of Life, which is an exciting aspect of the New Story we seek to tell!

When we are healthy and thriving, all of the cells and organs in our body work in harmony together - fighting off diseases, regenerating new cells - providing us with the vital functions we need to live. One organ - say, our liver - wouldn’t be able to survive without the community of relationships that exist all around it, from the heart to the brain to the lungs to the digestive system!

Similarly, nature’s ecosystems are made up of these types of infinitely complex relationships. The Earth is like a MASSIVE body made up of the trillions upon trillions of life-forms who call her home. Her water and air are like the circulatory system in our own bodies. Her trees, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, are like our lungs.

In fact, yesterday, we began to observe some of the relationships woven into but a single tree. From there, we began to notice the many relationships around us that we depend on to live.
Our mission today, Agents, is to unleash the power of these relationships for the benefit of all life!  I have always felt this connection of life naturally

The New Story understands the power of relationships, for what is gained from these relationships is so much greater than what we can achieve alone.

Did you know that energy from one person, for example, can actually be stored within another person? When we give a gift to someone else - like helping them do a task we’re good at - that energy is stored in the other person in the form of gratitude. This relational energy betters both people’s lives, and creates a win-win situation for the giver and the receiver, whose roles one day will be reversed!

Let’s find ways today to strengthen the relationships with those around us. Make them breakfast, write them a note, give them a hug. Offer to help them with a project they are working on. Offer one of your skills to them. Expect nothing in return, knowing you are filling them with gratitude that will one day be given to someone else!
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Good luck, Agents!

The Champion Spotlight illuminates outstanding organizations and individuals around the world whose work is contributing to a more peaceful, just, and compassionate planet. These entities are known as Champions of Compassion.

We are excited for Day 6 of the Unity Games Relay to highlight the Parliament of World Religions!