Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mission 4: Observing the Life Around Us

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Agents, for us to succeed in making a New Story of the World, one thing above all else must be true… we must believe in it! Which means we all must feel fully ALIVE within it!

By observing the life WITHIN ourselves - and trusting in what makes us feel most alive - we are able to harness our energy in powerful and often surprising ways. This natural power, we could say, is the living fuel source of our New Story. However, the life within humans is part of an even greater source of life, a source that exists all AROUND us…
And that source is Mother Nature herself!

In nature, every element and living being is deeply interconnected to everything else. In fact, life is only possible because of these unexpected relationships where many seemingly separate parts become integrated into a larger, living whole.
Let’s look at just one example of the power of these relationships…

When a tree captures energy from the sun and absorbs nutrients from the soil, it grows and produces seeds. Animals and insects can then use this tree for shelter from the cold of night and the heat of day, and eat the seeds for food. In return for the food, the animals spread the seeds to many parts of an ecosystem, where they can grow into more trees, to provide more shelter and food.

But Agents, there’s more... without beneficial microorganisms breaking down organic matter in the soil, the tree wouldn’t be able to access the nutrients in the ground to grow. In return for the microorganism’s help, the tree’s roots release sugar to feed them, keeping the little beings happy and alive, which keeps the tree happy and alive.
It is only through the power of working together
that each form of life can survive!

Our mission today, Agents, is to begin to the unveil the quiet power of relationships that exist all around us.

In the New Story, we can benefit from the extraordinary results of many elements and forms of life working together in harmony. These relationships already exist all around us!

Let us begin to ask ourselves… What relationships do we depend upon every day for food, for shelter, for clothing, for our well-being? How might we amplify the power of relationships to make life richer for ourselves and others? 
One way is by being grateful that they are a constant in our lives
We will return to our observations for tomorrow’s mission!
Remember to report your observations and reflections on the
Compassion Report Map!

Good luck, Agents!

The Champion Spotlight illuminates outstanding organizations and individuals around the world whose work is contributing to a more peaceful, just, and compassionate planet. These entities are known as Champions of Compassion.

We are excited for Day 5 of the Unity Games Relay to highlight the Isle of Aero!