Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mission 3: Harnessing the Life within Us

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In our previous mission, Agents, we began to observe the life within us. We started to notice how little energy it took to do tasks we really enjoyed, and how much energy it took to do ones we really didn’t. The difference between the two isn’t necessarily the amount of physical energy it requires to do a job… it's actually whether or not the life within us believes in the work.

In other words, life rewards us if we nourish it!

By nourishing a fruit tree, for example, we are eventually rewarded with delicious fruits. The same is true for the life inside of us: if we nourish ourselves, we can surprise ourselves by the energy, joy, and productivity we get in return!

Recall what you observed yesterday.
What made you feel full of that good kind of abundant energy?
Our mission today, Agents, is to take time to do the things that make us feel joyful to be alive!  Loved helping make and pinwheels with my intern and YAC students, the few who have the time to focus on this creative and nourishing activity.
In the New Story, we don’t need more people who are always tired because they dislike their jobs... that’s Old Story stuff. In the New Story, we can actually value happiness, purpose, community, connection, and all of the abundance they create.

Maybe you’d like to go for a walk. Start that project or book you’ve been thinking about for years. Call a dear friend you haven’t spoken to in some time. Write a poem. Explore that career change you’ve been dreaming of. Start a community garden. Or simply just take time to be.

Try to give yourself space to really enjoy this activity,
without interrupting yourself!

And remember...share your insights and experiences on the
Compassion Report Map!

Good luck, Agents!

The Champion Spotlight illuminates outstanding organizations and individuals around the world whose work is contributing to a more peaceful, just, and compassionate planet. These entities are known as Champions of Compassion.

We are thrilled for Day 4 of the Unity Games Relay to highlight We the World!