Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mission 11: Slow and Small is Fast and Big

Nature holds the clues to a world of abundance, peace, and prosperity. In our previous mission, we began to explore quite a complex idea: that problems are, in fact, solutions in disguise. When life gives us a problem, our role is not to overcome it, but to understand it. It is in our understanding that we discover a way forward.

As intelligent as human beings are, we can’t change the rules of reality to heal the world. And we don’t need to! By learning the nature of whatever problem arises before us, we can produce solutions that arise from understanding life rather than trying to defy it, which will never work.

Let’s take the idea of finding solutions a step farther, Agents, again with wisdom inspired from Mother Nature.

Though the Earth is a single, living system - where the beat of a butterfly’s wings in South America really does affect weather patterns in Antarctica - the Earth has many regions with unique characteristics. A desert, for example, is clearly a different environment than that of a forest.

Yet, not all forests are the same, either. This is why we find unique species living in different forests depending on where we’re looking in the world. On a deeper level, this is nature’s way of solving a problem: how to evolve and sustain life. The result, as we can see, is countless forms of life living in places around the world.

Yet, nature doesn’t create one form of life that can live anywhere on Earth, and then call it quits! Can you imagine a fish with feathers? Feathers are far more cumbersome under water than fish scales, yet a vital and ideal tool for a bird’s flight. So nature found two life solutions, instead of just one solution: fish AND birds!

Nature uses slow, small solutions to develop many forms of life. The end result is absolutely breathtaking: billions of lifeforms on a single planet, but suited to many environments... interconnected yet uniquely distinct!
Our mission today, Agents, is to solve a problem the way nature does… with slow, and small solutions.  A mistake in schedule, not a big deal made by anyone, everyone collaborated and tomorrow the drone picture will be better

When we think of solving problems that the world faces right now - climate change or hunger, for example - the Old Story teaches us we need HUGE, FAST, EXPENSIVE solutions to solve them. Yet, what this can often do is paralyze us into inaction, for we feel we are so small, with problems so large, that our decisions make little impact on the problem.

What if addressing climate change really did begin in our own communities? It doesn’t have to be as lame as just changing our light bulbs (though this can help). What if we built houses differently so we didn’t have to use a furnace at all, but still be warm in winter and cool in summer? (See how Earthships are doing just that!) What if we grew our own healthy food in our backyards, rather than buying food that needs to be shipped thousands of miles to get to us? What if interacting with those around us compassionately could really regenerate neighborhoods and rebuild communities?
These types of solutions are possible, and they happen right where we are! Give it a shot... just remember to start SMALL! (And slow!)

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Good luck, Agents!

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