Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mission 10: When Problems are the Solutions

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In our last mission, we explored the bold idea that only through nature’s many failed attempts to solve a problem that success can be found. In this way, making mistakes are like the laying of stepping stones. Without these stones being placed before us, we could never have reached the end result of success!

Agents, nature takes our ideas about failure - along with the inevitable problems we will confront in life - and flips our assumptions around about them even further.

In the Old story, we are often taught to think that a solution represents a clever way to outwit a problem we are facing. Human beings, we are taught, have large brains, and with our problem-solving capacities, we can overcome any obstacle life throws at us.

Except, what life often throws our way isn’t a problem, but rather a puzzle. At the center of the puzzle, something remarkable awaits us… the nature of the problem, which is in fact, the solution.

Take the art of flight, for example. Evolution, confronted with the physics of air, eventually led to a specific type of feathered species that could take to the skies. The problem of aerodynamics was in fact the catalyst for the form of a bird as we know it. A bird's biological form didn’t outsmart the wind, it eventually learned the ways of the wind and found the solution by harmonizing with its nature.

Agents, our mission today is to look at problems not as adversaries to overcome, but as the solution in a trickster disguise. Drone and scheduling challenges with Wing.  Will let you know how effective the solutions after Peace Day

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Get creative and see the challenges you face today as a mirror for yourself as well as a looking glass. Somewhere in there, a solution awaits, ready to be found.

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Good luck, Agents!

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