Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9/19 Agenda and Minutes

The meeting was called by Vice-President Katherine Sch.  Agenda and Minutes by Katherine and Mrs. Clay.  Pictures by Yasmin


Today's meeting took place in Harper on 9/19/17 a Haper during Activities.  Attendance was taken by letters written




1. Katherine discussed Ellie's drive for the World Wildlife Fund

2. Mariam and Safra reminded: Peace Day Out of Uniform on 9/21

3. Ali invited YAC to attend Peace Day Walk and Breakfast.  There will be a meeting of secretaries and Ali on Wednesday 9/20/2017 to finalize details.  

YAC Meeting Project:
1. Assembled the pinwheels for peace made by the Lower Division Girl Scouts
2. Wrote Gratitude Letters for Freedom to known people who served through government agencies

At Activities Time: Casady YAC assembled the Girl Scout Peacemakers Pinwheels. 

On Freedom Day, YAC also wrote Gratitude Letters to those who served.  Some letters went to people students knew personally in the different branches of government.  

YAC has a very special thank you to the following servant leaders for guarding the freedoms we enjoy: 

Air Force:  Dr. Wesley Frier (Technology Director) Father Charles Blizzard (Chaplain)

Marine Corps: Coach Marion Tolon (25 years), Dr. Eric Ebert

Police: Deputy Justin Dang

Peace Corps: Mr. Mark Delgrosso (Biology), Joe Miano (Science Retired), Ruth Miano (Math Retired)

YAC Co-Presidents, Safra and Mariam reminded YAC that on Thursday 9/21 there is a Peace Day Out of Uniform.  Wear a Peace, Spirit or a Place where you volunteered t-shirt.  

Ali A. YAC hospitality and social media chair invited YAC to participate in the Peace Walk and Breakfast of 9/21  at 7:00 am.  Walkers meet at Chapel in front of the Peace Sign.

Thursday, September 21st
Peace Day Out of Uniform Wear a Peace, Spirit, or a place you volunteered t-shirt
Peace Day Observances around Campus
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7:00 am     UD Peace Walk and Breakfast.  Walkers gather in front of Chapel by the Peace Sign. Song by Sara A.  Halo dog "Sugar" will lead the Peace Walk. Facilitated by YAC Ali A.
9:30 am     MD plants sentiments of peace by "Words Statue" before Chapel.  Facilitated by Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Clay
10:00 am   MD Pinwheels for Peace at Peace Sign in front of Chapel  Facilitated by Mrs. Huber
10:30 am   PD Pinwheels Blessing and Observance at Playground facilitated by Mrs. Fowler & Mrs. Mathias 
2:40 pm     LD Observance of Peace Day facilitated by Mrs. Hazel Lopez

6:00 pm United Nations Peace Day Observance at the State Capitol Steps 
Casady Peace Pinwheels and Hearts transported to Capitol at 4:00 pm