Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9/12 minutes and activity

Meeting was facilitated by YAC Presidents.  Attendance was taken by tests completed

YAC Activity of the meeting

To Do:

-Aaron, Sophia, and Yasmin want to go to Centennial on 9/21

-Saadia expressed interest in hosting the Capstone OK Centennial students tomorrow during lunch at Calvert and Activities at Harper.   

-Sharun and Cade are helping to assemble PD pinwheels after school, but we need more volunteers.  We have only done 40 of 150.

-No YAC letters of appreciation or pinwheels yet.  My study hall has made 4 pinwheels.  No other pinwheels from UD.

-Today, after school, "girl scouts" need UD helpers to make pinwheels at the Crabtree library. Sharun attended. 

- Cade J. will attend Boys and Girls Club on Saturday, Day for Kids.  No YAC interest for Friday at Boys and Girls Club

- Zain A. and a friend from Mercy School are taking one of the tickets for the Interfaith Youth Tour Sunday.  Safra, Mariam, and Sharun are unable to attend.

Sophomore Aaron P. introduced the 2nd Day of Peace Week UD Chapel Speakers, Mr. Andi Dema and Ms. Jeanine Bath

Good Shepherd Ministries in OKC shows God’s love by offering medical and dental care to the uninsured and spiritual care to the broken.

This stained glass window was broken and restored.
At Good Shepherd, we get to partner with Jesus to make whole the shattered.
We acknowledge we are all shattered and we look to the Good Shepherd to make us whole.

Volunteers from all over the world help care for patients.
Patients from central Oklahoma City help educate and care for students in their training.
We depend on each other. You can volunteer with us at Good Shepherd Ministries!

Good Shepherd Ministries patients contribute financially at each appointment.
We depend on our community to fill in the gap between what patients can pay and the cost to provide care.
You can donate directly, sponsor or run the Miles for Smiles 5k, and get bunch of tickets to Good Sip!

Good Sip is September 21 PEACE DAY from 5:30-7:30pm at Bleu Garten, just down the block from Good Shepherd. See you there!
I’ll be happy to give you a tour of the clinic during Good Sip or anytime!

In The Three Little Teeth, there was a daaaaaark and scary mouth, fulllllllll of plaque and saliva…

Thank you for shining light into the dark, scary, shattered places of this world!
As Casady School prepares you with the skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation for success, continue to measure your success by the success of the community as we depend on one another in this pathway to peace.

Thank you welcoming me to Peace Week! 

At the LD, Father Blizzard introduced the word interdependence stating that the same way our parts of the body are connected, our lives are connected to other people. 

Mrs. Melody Hubert started to make pinwheels on 9/11.  On 9/12, Mrs. Hubert decided to explore sending the pinwheels to Monarch High School in Florida after Peace Day to help bring some inner peace to the school where the pinwheels for peace project started and a school who as of 9/13 was closed due to hurricane Irma.

During Activities, YAC met and took a Compass Leadership survey as well as learned about the projects going on this week.  Interested students sign-up by emailing Mrs. Clay or simple show-up and participate.  If interested in service credit, students need to sign-in on their name cards.

a. Writing letters of appreciation for those who serve
b. Making pinwheels to be displayed at the Peace Sign on Peace Day-We decided to send YAC pinwheels to Florida after Peace Week.
c. Volunteer assembling PD  pinwheels this week.  They can decorate them, but cannot put them together.  
d. Volunteer @ Boys and Girls Club Friday after school and Saturday
e. Participate in the Interfaith Youth Tour on Sunday.  Mrs. Clay has two tickets to give away first come, first served  $15 per ticket.

Activities this week
a. Walk for Water with Mr. Delgrosso
b. Host Capstone students for lunch at Calvert Saadia, maybe Aaron, Sophia, and Yasmin