Friday, August 4, 2017

YAC Fedex Strategic Planning, Friday, August 4th : Brookdale 10:30-1:00 ,1:00-3:30 at Harper (Building adjacent to Chapel), restaurant and Centennial High School


Brookdale Meeting started at 10:30   Adjurned at 1:00

Attendees:  Marolyn, Sharun , Mrs. Clay

1. :Produce first draft of Marketing Materials for Village Library to publicize book signing event on October 24,2017, 1:30 3:30.  See document created by Sharun, Carmen and Marolyn here

2. Find out where Sharun is on typing.  Recruit new volunteers to help meet the deadline of finishing the typing at the end of next week.

3. Teach Marolyh how to proof read the book on BookPress at computer provided by Brookdale, Activities Coordinator

4. UPDATE:  To reduce the proof reading stress for Marolyn, we will type everything on Google Dovs, have Brookdale make copies
and Marolyn can proof  without technology challenges.  The whole book will be available  here
A copy of the book will also be available at the Casady Places to Serve Then and Now Page

1. Meeting about Project Then and Now- Needs transcribers to finish the transcription within the next two weeks
2. Ideas from Malavika for YAC Fedex Meeting
3. 9/11 Grant to Centennial High School- Connections to YAC and Casady Service-Learning Program

Sharun, Malavika, Mrs. Clay and Chef Renfro from Centennial High School

To do:
Schedule a meeting next week with Sharun and Marolyn.
Share Malavika's suggestions at the YAC meeting on 8/11/2017
Type chapters of book on google doc sent by Mrs. Clay
Type and send Mrs. Clay "I am Poem" and May Peace Prevail on Earth drawing

Book (project Then and Now with Sharun).  Meeting took place at restaurant during lunch
-Malavika types Chapters 8-9  Sharun will finish what she has.  Mrs. Clay has chapters 10-13.  She will type as much as she is able this weekend.  Chapter 10-13th done as of 8/6/2017.  Sharun will set-up a meeting for Malavika to meet Marolyn.  Project Then and Now has a meeting also on August 11, 10:30-12:00 pm.

YAC Secretary Notes
Malavika read the Secretary description of responsibilities and confirm her desire to be the 2017-18 YAC secretary
Malavika will not be able to attend the 8/11 meeting.  If Anna does not attend, we will ask one of the Co-President to send minutes of the meeting
As part of strategic planning, these were the items discussed
-Get more rising freshmen active
-We want quality, not necessarily quantity
-Secretaries need to edit the YAC brochure.  The intended audience: Grant Writing It needs to be a recruitment tool
-Where I'm From Poem and a drawing of your personal version of Peace Prevail on Earth are due before school starts from all YAC Planning Team members
-Mrs. Clay sent Malavika two YLOKC documents with the goal of helping YAC Secretaries help provide engaging and efficient YAC meetings.  Running a meeting   and Taking Minutes

Malavika's Ideas for Strategic Planning Meeting
- "16 Acts of Kindness on your Sweet Sixteen"
-(Possible Grants for 9/11 Veterans Family Service)
        -Caps and/or scarves for Cancer Patients (St.Anthony's and/or veterans)
        -Flower bouquets/wreaths for veterans wives/mothers/grandmothers

Notes from Centennial (Chef Carrie)  Possible Connections below.  Details will be sent by Chef Carrie
-SAAMIES calming exercises

According to the data I collected at the end of the year last year out of 237 responses 87 students wanted help with anger management 108 with physical fitness and 86 with communication.

Using this data, the first few weeks of instruction in my class will focus on these things, which also align with the school initiative to build relationships with students and multifaceted standards and objectives within my curriculum and the core.

I received a grant a number of years ago for exercise resources for SAMMIES – Stress Anxiety Anger Management Integrated Exercise Strategies. We are not doing Yoga. Concepts and strategies for the SAMMIES go across a range of exercise, psychology and health principles and standards located here .

While at the International Society for Technology in Education conference (ISTE) this summer I acquired printed material that includes  visual aids for the connection to ISTE standards for learner, leadership, citizenship, collaborator, designer, facilitator and analyst. and  

I will be using and referring to this throughout the year to encourage students to go deeper into their learning experiences.

Needless to say, the classroom will look different but students will be learning and applying vocabulary while addressing the concerns of the data.

Notes from meeting with Chef Carrie about possible collaboration between YAC and Centennial during Peace Week 2017

-Mind dumping puzzles/activities
-9/11 bracelets
-Google Forms
Chef Carrie sent the following resources

Find more details at 9/11 Bracelets for Centennial High School Day of Service Volunteers

YSA Grant Application: School of Service Grant 9/11/ 2017 Centennial High School Service-Learning Project.  YAC has been invited to participate.

Meeting started at 1:00         Adjourned at 3:30 pm.