Friday, August 11, 2017

YAC Fedex Strategic Planning, 9/11, 1:00-3:00 Harper

Agenda by Mariam and Safra

Seniors: Mariam, Sharun
Juniors:  Katherine, Claire 
Sophomores: Ahmed, Saadia
Freshmen: None
Adults: Mrs. Clay and Emma Hernandez (2:30 pm)
Could not attend: Eli, Sahanya, Malavika and Anna.  All send apologies via e-mail
Minutes by Ahmed and Mrs. Clay Pictures by Mrs. Clay 


*FACULTY IN SERVICE AT FOOD BANK 8/16  7:30 am-1:30 pm  

Service Hours, Free t-shirt breakfast and lunch
-YAC Volunteers needed.  
-Contact Mrs. Clay if interested  Text 405-520-1325 or email
See last year's Sahanya's Morning at the Food Bank with Faculty

Schedule for YAC Serving with Faculty at Food Bank on 8/16/2017
- 7:30 a.m  Free Breakfast at Calvert  Pick up Casady Cares T-shirt
Welcome Faculty and Help distribute t-shirts to faculty.  
Thank you to Sharun for organizing t-shirts for distribution
***8:00 a.m .  Leave with faculty on buses to Food Bank.   Take pictures
Seat with faculty and promote a dialog of expectations at the Food Bank
****9:00 am  Volunteer with faculty.  
Take pictures
Play music from YLS Play list while we serve.
****10:15 am  Break at Volunteer Center.  
Take pictures
Seat with faculty and promote dialog about volunteer experience feedback
****12:00 pm  Free Lunch with Faculty  
Seat with faculty and continue to get experience feedback
**** 1:00 pm  -1:30 Reflection of the day
 Create a quilt piece at Harper with your conclusions and/or another presentation through pictures like Sahanya

*FRESHMAN ORIENTATION 8/21  9:00-12:00 @ Red Cross
YAC Planning Team Volunteers needed.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested  Text 405-520-1325 or email  At least one YAC rep there (inform Mrs. Clay you are going).
What and Why:  The American Red Cross will facilitate a project for your group of 90 students, 9th-grade students on Aug 21.  Students will assist the Red Cross assembling materials used for their "Home Fire Campaign" and Pillowcase Project" More info can be found here Student volunteers will insert disaster recovery/prevention materials into the pillow cases and plastic bags. The Red Cross will also talk to volunteers about the importance of being prepared for disasters.

Students and sponsors will rotate to 3 different rooms to get the full service and learning experience.  Project facilitated by Kenneth Bentley, Volunteer Services Specialist, American Red Cross serving Oklahoma and Arkansas, Office 405-228-9570, Cell 405-219-7417, Fax 405-228-3954
***8:30 am  YAC volunteers at  Harper for last minute instructions  
Leave for Red Cross via Casady bus.
Have an informal dialog with freshmen about expectations 
***9:00 am Arrive at the Red Cross
Take group pictures  
***9:30-11:30 Volunteer with the freshmen  T
Have informal dialog about service experience
Take pictures
***12:00-1:00 Pizza lunch for YAC volunteers at Harper - 
Make a group reflective Quilt Patch
Create a piece like Sahanya's above with pictures of the shared experience
***1:00-1:30  Freshman Club Fair  (Mariam and Safra scheduled to attend)
---- We will have Icee's for the freshmen
---- We will have a copy of the NEW YAC BROCHURE MADE BY SECRETARIES.  
We will e-mail an electronic copy to all freshmen 
***2:30-3:30 Peace Week Meeting with Freshmen recruits if possible???
- YAC decision Making
-Reflection of why the involvement  Volunteers needed.  
- Secretaries -if able to attend- draft peace week flyers

*YAC Calendar:  
- The Planning Team following Robert's Rules of Order decided that the meetings will be on Tuesdays during Activities.  Senior and Junior officers will take turns facilitating the meetings 
- Ahmed sent an e-mail informing Coach T of YAC Planning Team request for Tuesday Meetings
-Ahmed created a YAC Calendar during the summer, but during the meeting, Saadia suggested to move it to a Google Calendar because it will be easier to remind people of the meetings with the google default settings
- After the meeting, Ahmed made an official YAC Google Calendar and sent it to everyone in the list provided by Mrs. Clay (Planning Team and Project Facilitators)
'Just wanted to let you know that I've emailed Coach T about rescheduling the YAC meeting time and that I have created a new google calendar. The new one is shared with everyone on the email list, including you, so if you go to, you should see it under 2017-2018 Casady YAC Calendar. I believe that when an event is coming up, it sends an email to everyone it's shared with, so that may help with the previous lack of participation." 
- After the meeting, Mrs. Clay asked Ahmed to find out the day for the Clubs Fair from Coach T.

- Help people connect more with YAC and a project
- Service learning field trip to Food Bank in Sept. and Oct. 
- Explain where donations and effort go if we do things together
- Condense YAC brochure to 1/2 a page and distribute to incoming freshmen (to be done by secretary)
- Change Meeting dates (Tuesday during Activities)  Ahmed notifies Coach T.


PEACE WEEK (9/11-9/21)
- Mrs. Clay needs a YAC Peace Team to go over the Casady Peace Week PP and decide what YAC is going to facilitate and support.  The current PP has every idea sent to Mrs. Clay during the summer.
- YAC secretaries need to create marketing materials to get the word out.
-Mrs. Clay will confirm speakers next week. 
-Mrs. Clay requested the YAC planning team to provide ideas and have Peace Week as the only agenda item at the next planning team meeting which will be after freshman Club Fair, August 21 at Harper.  


- Ahmed will ask Coach T the date for the Clubs Fair

- Make a new video

- Big box of iced Sam's club cookies 


FOOD DRIVE (10/30-11/3)

We completed the form from the Food Bank for our Food Drive

- Have a Food Bank Rep come to the meetings, could increase participation
- Hold a hunger simulation, held in wing or classroom, possibly English classes Talk to Freshmen English Teachers.  Simulation helps need understanding
- Take a tour or service-learning project at the food bank.  Build empathy.
- Find grade reps at the freshmen and clubs fair
Boxes- 1 in Hightower, 2 in Johnston, 1 in Records, 2 in the Student center. (Put them outside)
- Communicate with the parent grade reps to encourage other parents to participate. (secretary and YAC intern do this)

FALL FEST (10/20)
Brainstormed ideas
Why? Operating YAC expenses are covered by this fundraiser
- Booth with Carnival grades
- Basketball/Bean bag toss
- shaving cream pies ??? Not to waste food, how about watermelon seed spit contest
- paint a kind message on a rock and leave it somewhere
- Virtual Reality Headset
-Pinwheels for Peace for next year


 -A proposal from Emma Hernandez <> from Good Shepard's  Free Clinic.  The Clinic offers volunteer opportunities for teens interested in medicine and dentistry.  Mrs.Clay met Emma at the monthly COVA (Central Oklahoma Volunteer Administrators) meeting where Mrs. Clay invited participants to attend the UN (9/9 at Myriad Gardens, during the Turkish Festival) and Casady Peace Walk and Breakfast (9/21 6:30-7:50).   Emma invited COVA to a fundraising event the clinic is having the evening of September 21.  The fundraiser will be at and the cost of the dinner is $15.

Mrs. Clay and Emma had lunch after the COVA meeting for Mrs. Clay to get more information about the clinic and Emma.  After lunch, Emma facilitated a site visit to the clinic and the below photo opportunity.

Emma will be back on September 12, Interdependence Day to make a chapel announcement about the clinic

a. needs for teen volunteers 
b Invite Casady to participate in the clinic's fundraising dinner on Peace Day, 9/21 at Bleu Garten, Cost $15.



Community Announcement
Watermelon Festival 

Marian will send a meet up for
1. Teacher in-service at Food Bank Volunteer Experience on 8/16 from 7:30-1:00 Free breakfast, lunch, and t-shirt.  Contact Mrs. Clay by Monday if interested.
2. Freshmen Pillow Case Project at Red Cross 8/21 8:30-12:00.  Contact Mrs. Clay if interested by Monday.
3. Freshmen Club Fair  Possibly 1:00 pm.  Mariam and Safra will be there, others welcome.  Snack: Icees
Mrs. Clay and Katherine will 
a. Meet tomorrow at Casady 30 minutes before pictures taken to work on Peace Week.  Katherine will confirm time and place tonight.  Mrs. Clay will send a reminder by 8:00 pm
4. Secretaries have to make a YAC brochure for the freshman Clubs fair.  Check Mrs. Clay's brochure made for grant writing purposes.

NEXT YAC MEETING:  Monday, August 21 after Freshmen Clubs Fair @ Harper   
Agenda: Peace Week

Meetings will be on Tuesday, Activities at Harper.  Ahmed sent a request to coach T. during the meeting.  Seniors and Juniors will alternate missing out to lunches to always have a President or Vice-President facilitating meetings.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fedex Strategic Planning meeting agenda by Mariam and Safra 

From 1:00-2:00, 

We'll confirm dates and ideas for Peace Week, Fall Fest, and Club Fair ( eg., what we'll do for our club fair presentation, how we intend to get the whole school involved in Peace Week through on-campus activities, fundraising ideas for Fall Fest, and potential monthly visits to the Boys and Girls Club.
 From 2:00-2:30, 
We'll make a loose outline for the rest of the active school year ( on a month by month basis) and we can leave the last half hour for everyone's individual project ideas.

From 2:30-3:00

Open to floor agenda items from project facilitators  
-Coach B. will have the t-shirts for faculty in-service at Food Bank at the meeting for YAC to get them ready to be distributed.  He still will want YAC kids to facilitated the in-service dialog reflection on Tuesday and announce the opportunity next Monday.  Coach B. also needs two HIRE two students to watch over faculty children during the teachers meetings time.
-See minutes from 8/4/2017 meeting with Malavika
-Proposal from Emma Hernandez <> from Good Shepard's  Free Clinic.  They offer volunteer opportunities for teens interested in medicine and dentistry.  Mrs.Clay met Emma at the monthly COVA (Central Oklahoma Volunteer Administrators) meeting where Mrs. Clay invited participants to attend the UN (9/9 at Myriad Gardens, during the Turkish Festival) and Casady Peace Walk and Breakfast (9/21 6:30-7:50).   Emma invited COVA to a fundraising event the clinic is having the evening of September 21.  Mrs. Clay and Emma had lunch together for Mrs. Clay to get more information about the clinic and Emma facilitated a site visit of the clinic and the below photo opportunity.
- Watermelon Festival at Rush Springs, Saturday, August 11, 9:00 am-9:00pm.  

Marian sent a Doodle to the YAC Planning Team members, but any interested YAC member is welcome to attend.  We still have some openings in the planning team and the project chairs are welcome to bring their project ideas during the last 30 minutes of this Fedex Time-Strategic Planning Meeting.

Mrs. Clay provided the following explanatory videos

What is Fedex Time? 

What is Strategic Planning, really?

Per Doodle reply, the YAC Fedex Meeting will be August 11th.   Have a nice rest of the summer!"

Mariam and Safra ( invites you to participate in the Doodle poll YAC FEDX Meeting.
Participate now

Possible Agenda Items

Old Business

The slate of officers and projects needs to be confirmed.

*Co-PresidentsMarian and Safra

*Co-Vice-PresidentsSahanya, Katherine, and Ellie (by trimester order)
*Co-Secretaries: Malavika and Anna
*Co-TreasurersClaire and Saadia (YAC/Rainbolt Funding/grant writing)
*Social Media Manager: Hannah
*YAC Calendar Manager: Ahmed
*YAC Project Chairs: Slate for confirmation
Seniors: Safra and Marian (Peace 2017 Week and Blood Drive 2017), Gabrielle Moore(Project Then and Now and Global Youth Service Days), Mallory (Youth LEAD OKC, Global Youth Service Days), Zac C. (Best Buddies), Luke(Youth in Government), Sharun Philips (Project Then and Now, Projects with HALO and Humane Society)
Juniors: Sahanya (Casady Cans Do-Faculty at Food Bank-Boys and Girls Club Fridays), Katherine (Hope for the Holidays), Ellie (Perfect Pair), Mason T. (Art Connections to Peace Week 2017?)
Sophomores: Aaron(Wheelchair Track for Johnson Elementary), Ahmed (Johnson Elementary Connections: Advocacy, Fundraising, Mentoring, Mentoring Project with Library), Ford and Jacob (Stanley Hupfeld Tutors, The Oklahoma Standard), Cooper (Rachel's Challenge)
Freshmen (?)

*3 Co-Hospitality Chairs:  Definition of office as well as who TBD
*Grade YAC Reps: TBD  Definition of office by Saadia  Who: TBD

New Business
-Agenda items from the planning team
Suggestions from Mrs. Clay's Desk
-Review and revise the YAC brochure

***Suggest the best day for YAC meetings during 2017-2018 during school year.  Take the suggestion for Coach T's approval.  She manages the official clubs calendar.  Add description of planning team responsibilities.

-Review and connect the YAC Calendar 2017-2018- to the YAC brochure
Suggestion of days and times for drives for main calendar and Coach T.
***August Projects: Faculty at Food Bank, Freshmen at Red Cross, Open Houses, Fall Fest, clubs fair
***September Project: Peace Week
***October Project:  Food Drive
- Explore Open Spaces and Relationship and Leadership Skills Building Activity:  Sahanya's Compass Leadership activity.  

Request from Mrs. Clay's Desk

-VTS comes to Casady Service Learning - From Mrs. Clay's Desk

Dear YAC Planning Team,

Summer is almost over and the hope, excitement, and possibilities of a new YAC year, YOUR YAC year begins!

The Casady Service Learning Program will connect to VTS next year.  VTS stands for Visual Thinking Strategies. I will love for you all to consider creating a personal drawing which you will bring to our first meeting following the directions of the contest below.  You do not need to be a Picasso, just make your thinking visible in your own personal creative way. You do not need to enter the contest, I just want you to share your thoughts with a creative image which I will place at the YAC room together with your "I am poem" which I am attaching.   
Please send me how much time it took for your to complete both of these requests to add the minutes or hours to your service record.

Looking forward to receiving your pictures and poems before school starts,


Inspire Love of Nature by connecting with

and sharing your love of nature.

Please share with your friends and community
Nature for All ~ Loving the Earth
2017 Theme


 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition
A global programme to empower young entrepreneurs to create a sustainable world.

This global platform empowers young entrepreneurs (age 15-35) from around the world to engage in a more peaceful world. Participants are invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects with a societal impact, which champion and implement one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 related targets address the most important social, economic, environmental, health and governance challenges of our time.

WPPS Project Links


Unfinished business from Summer Agendas

Safra and Mariam realized project challenges and discussed a more integrated approach, where project chairs will have teams helping their efforts.  Mrs. Clay offered Open Spaces and Compass Leadership Competencies as possibilities to explore during the Fedex Time.  Check them out at


Sahanya stated at the end of the year that she would be interested in facilitating the Compass Leadership Competencies time to help create more integrated teams for the drives and learn about our personal leadership style and the leadership styles of others.

Old Business
Service-Learning stages and standards of best practices and stages were re-visited as YAC is a service-learning youth council.

What is Service Learning at Casady School:  Share link to TIP document and 2nd draft of full program.

Minutes of meeting with Coach Bonfiglio  3:00-3:30 pm

Meeting started at 3:08 and ended at 3:30.  Safra, Mariam, Mrs. Clay and Coach B. participated.

a. Faculty In-Service Day Opportunity for YAC to facilitate the experience

Monday, August 14: During Faculty Meeting and at lunch
At Faculty Meeting:
Coach B. asked if a couple of YAC planning team officers could facilitate
a.The introduction of the day at the Regional Food Bank.
b. A process of the experience
c. Role Teens will place in the service morning.
During lunch
Distribution of Casady Cares T-shirts to faculty
NEEDED: 2-4 Volunteers

Wednesday, August 16
-Faculty will have breakfast at Calvert
-Faculty will board buses to the Volunteer Center to pack food for hungry Oklahomans
-At the Food Bank, faculty will have a few minutes wait to get shift assignment from the volunteer coordinator. Faculty will seat in random order at tables with ONE pre-service dialog facilitator.  During the break, post service reflection dialog facilitator will request faculty to share how their expectations have been met during the first service shift.

NEEDED 15-20 volunteers to facilitate a pre-service reflective dialog at the tables at random order.  The training of the pre-and post reflection facilitators will take place during breakfast the day of the service day.

Safra and Mariam feel that the challenge will be to get the high number of volunteers needed for Wednesday.  We might talk to Coach T. and the Gales sponsor to see if they could help.    The incentive besides service hours are
1. Free t-shirt
2. Breakfast and Lunch with faculty
3. Opportunity to meet faculty from all divisions
4. Opportunity to "feel important" facilitating meaningful dialog