Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Peace Week Planning Meeting Agenda Schedule at Draft Stage

Only three YAC members came to the planning meeting: Aaron, Sophia and Claire

-Aaron and Claire wrote the introduction of Peace Week which was revised by Mrs. Bek-gran and Mrs. Clay.  Safra and Mariam delivered the introduction at Chapel on 9/30/2017.  Mrs. Clay and Mrs. Robertson delivered the introduction to MD on 9/31 and Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Lopez introduced Peace Week to the LD on 9/31.   S-L Intern and YAC will help the Primary Division construct their pinwheels.

1.  Peace Week Introduction Speech at chapel tomorrow.  I sent you mine for the MD and LD(will be shorter than MD) Any YAC volunteers?
​​Below a word document with all activities for Peace Week across campus.

-YAC members take one day of the 11 Days to introduce, place World Peace Village in Buildings
Unity:   Christianity, Sophia M.manages and also introduces the speakers
Interdependence:  Judaism, Aaron Manages and also introduces the speakers
Environment: Sahanya and Mr Delgroso will introduce Water Walk
Economic Justice: Muslim, Katherine manages and also introduces the speakers
Health: Ellie introduces the speakers
Freedom: Casady orchestra member introduces.  Hinduism Malavika manages
Human Rights: Native American Ahmed manages it. Claire introduces the speakers
Disarmament: Father Blizzard and Father Youmans introduce the speakers
Peace: Choir member introduces. Buddhism Sara manages it

-Check at the YAC activities suggested in the brochure: Decide who is facilitating them or change the activity for something YAC members want to do.  Check attached brochure for list of ideas that came during the summer.  The brochure will be re-done by YAC secretaries by Monday
Example of possible activities during peace week that came to my office since yesterday from Olivia Sears, Luke Albert, and myself:  
Caring Drive for Texas
b. American Red Cross OKC $10 donation
c. Letters and skype to ISAS schools
d. Mrs. Anne France received the following e-mail
Mrs. France,
Have we begun any ideas for relief collections? I am happy to organize with the Red Cross.

Thank You,
Shaye Matthews
e. Ideas from the floor
-YAC Pinwheels for Peace ????
**Making them??? for Peace Day/Walk at Casady and Capitol
**Helping the PD put together 150 pinwheels for their Peace day???

3.  YAC Video for Clubs Fair

Chapel slides

Slide I
Good Morning.  My name is Carmen Clay.  I help Cyclones with Service Projects.  I am here today (with Mrs. Robertson) to invite you to SAVE THE DATE for 11 special days in September, THE ELEVEN DAYS OF GLOBAL UNITY or Casady’s Peace Week.  

How did we begin to celebrate Peace Week at Casady School? Mrs. Susan Bruce and her 4th graders asked the UD freshmen to make pinwheels to RAISE AWARENESS of  Peace Day on September 21, 2007.  That was the first time Casady heard of Peace Day, a day that called for a ceasefire and to stop bullying, and domestic violence.

Slide 2
At a National Service Learning Conference, YAC (YOUTH ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY), developed a connection with a California based Peace Foundation who provided Peace t-shirts for the entire campus and came to celebrate Peace Day with us.

The Peace foundation asks, There are infinite paths to peace through service, What is yours?  The picture shows the Casady Class of 2019 planting a seedling of the survivor tree on our campus by the MD.

Slide 3
I believe that Peace is the Heart of Serviceand I encourage Cyclones to Give, Grow and Transform through service.  

(Mrs. Robertson)
And, How did Peace Day become Peace Week?  

Johnny Lee from the Class of 2017, named the 11 Days of Global Unity, PEACE WEEK.  Peace Week starts on 9/11 and ends on 9/21 International Day of Peace. Cyclones learned about the Global Unity Days at a Service Learning Conference from its founder Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Slide 4
Mrs. Clay)
Peace Week calls for an intentional shift from I to We. It invites us to focus on the values, spirit, and service needed to a culture of Peace and a world that works for all of us.
(Mrs. Mrs. Robertson)
It has 11 themes.  As Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated, “11 ways to change the world.”
(Mrs. Clay)
The theme of 9/11, Day ONE of Peace Week is Unity. YAC in collaboration with Father Blizzard, Father Youmans, and the International Club will bring speakers and videos to chapel who will connect to the theme of the day.  Read the daily announcements for kindness missions and activities on campus during Peace Week.
(Mrs. Robertson)
The video, Hope was born on 9/11 calls to observe 9/11, National Day of Service and Remembrance doing a good deed. (Play video)

Slide 5
Peace Week ends on September 21st. We ask you to focus on observing the day by answering the following questions in your own personal ways?  What will you do to make peace happen on peace day? and “ Who will you make peace with on the 21st of September”

rs. Clay (MD)
It is my privilege now to share a call to action on Peace Day 2017 from Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace one Day and the International Day of Peace (Play video on the right for UD/MD division)    

Mrs. Clay (LD)
I now want to share some words from Kids for Peace (Play video on the left for LD)

Slide 6th  If time allows  Announcements
Mrs. Clay (Upper Division)

YAC will be making pinwheels for Peace with the Primary Division and Peace Rocks with the After School Program.  Join us when your schedule permits at Harper where YAC has pinwheel making supplies or make pinwheels at home and bring them on September 20th to Harper.  
We will plant the pinwheels at a Peace Sign in front of the chapel at 6:00 am on Peace Day. From 6:30-7:55 we will have silent peace walks, a blessing of pinwheels and a Kolache breakfast for 100 people at the Wing.  At 4:00 pm, Cyclone pinwheels will be transported to the  State Capitol and planted at the South Lawn to connect to the United Nations Observance of Peace Day 2017.  

Check bulletin boards for Activities YAC will be promoting during Peace Week 2017 in the UD.  Participate when your schedule permits it.

Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Omelia (MD PEACE DAY Activities)


LD Chapel  Introduction of Peace Week 2017

Mrs. Clay
Good Afternoon!  My name is Carmen Clay. I help the high school students do service projects. I am here today to talk to you about Peace Week!  

Mrs. Lopez
We celebrate Peace Week to raise awareness about how important peace is to everyone in Oklahoma and everyone in every country.

Mrs. Thompson
Peace Day is a day to find peace in ourselves and give peace to others. There are many people right here in our neighborhoods and in the world who do not have peaceful lives. People who have to worry about if they will have food for dinner or a place to go home to.
Slide 2

Mrs. Clay
This picture shows our juniors when they were in the 5th grade planting a seedling from the survivor tree near Middle Division on Peace Day.

Slide 3
Mrs. Clay
I believe that Peace is the Heart of Service.  I encourage Cyclones to find their service spark and Give, Grow, and Transform by sharing their knowledge and talents with our community and help improve lives. Peace Week asks us to change “I” to “We, the World.”  

Mrs. Lopez
Peace Week always begins on September 11th and ends on September 21st, on the International Day of Peace. Peace Week calls us to help bring peace into our daily lives and community.

Mrs. Thompson
Peace Week offers 11 ways we can make help to make the world a better place for us all. That might be doing a good deed for someone or donating shoes or other items that can help people, and making cards for students at a school in Houston.

Slide 5
Mrs. Clay
Now let's watch a video from Peace Kids.

On the last day, September 21st, PEACE DAY.  We encourage you to answer this question
How can we make the world a better place?

Thank you!