Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Peace Day, A Month Away

Casady YAC Co-Presidents met via Facetime with Mrs. Clay and made the following decisions
Meeting Agenda:
Go over Peace Week PP for teachers and make decisions for YAC involvement

Minutes by Mrs. Clay.  Meeting started at 3;10 and ended at 4:40 pm on 8/21/2017,  Mariam, Safra and Mrs. Clay participated

1. Next  Peace Week Meeting:  YAC will meet on Thursday 24 during Activities for 15 minutes to decide if we can commit to making 175 Pinwheels for the Primary Division and address the need to create a Peace Week Facilitators Team.  The team will meet on Saturday, August 25th to finalize marketing materials.  Meeting can be done via facetime or google hangout.    Co-Presidents will send meet up to Planning Team.  Mrs. Clay will send a Google calendar reminder because no club meetings will be announced at Chapel until after Clubs Fair  We do not know when the Clubs Fair will take place yet

2. Peace Week Introduction at Chapel: Co-Presidents will make a YAC Peace Week 2017 PP Introduction on August 30th.  Father Blizzard has been notified.

3. Global Peace Village Installation: YAC will install the Peace Village in different rooms instead of the Transept.  Why? The Peace Village will be visited more by high school students.  The decision followed observations in the past two years.  YAC members will be responsible for supervising the Village in their buildings.
4. Peace Week Speakers: will be announced by YAC Planning Team and Club Presidents.  Example: On Environment Day, there will be an Environmental Club walk around the lake carrying water jugs, shoeless.  People who participate will have the opportunity to spray paint the rain barrels at the end of their walk. Why? Walk in the shoes of people who have to walk to provide daily drinking water.
If the speaker does not show up, YAC will present a video from the ones provided by Mrs. Clay in the Peace Week Teachers PP or one suggested by YAC officers and pre-approved by Father Blizzard. 5. Peace Week Marketing Materials:  Ready by August 28th.  Peace Week Team will work finalizing suggestions by Mrs. Clay the weekend of August 25-27

Dates to Remember Before Peace Week
1.. Introduction of Peace Week 2017 will be on August 30th.
2. September 8th, the S-L Program will have a VTS Speaker.  VTS will help S-L raise awareness connecting the arts to community needs.  Teachers who have been invited to participate at the chapel that day are  Dr. Torres, Mr. Delgrosso, Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Clay, Dr. Wardrop, and Dr. Ebert.   Labyrinth and Peace Sign will be drawn by Mr. Mark Coate this day.

International Day of Peace 9/21/2017 - Out of Uniform  Peace T-shirt or Volunteer T-shirt
Early morning schedule for Peace Walk and Breakfast was met with reserved enthusiasm. We will prepare for 30 people and the Breakfast will be in the transept.
6:00 am Plant "Pinwheels at Peace sign and Labyrinth"
6:30 am Walk starts at Labyrinth and once around the lake
7:00 am Recipeace Breakfast by Sage at the Transept. Tables will invite people from opposing viewpoints seat across each other and have an attentive listening dialog of what they have in common.
7:45 am Blessing of Pinwheels and pieces of peace at Peace Sign
8:00 am Chapel
YAC will encourage Peace Walks at personal Times

United Nations Association of Oklahoma City Observance of Peace Week
6:00 pm  Planting of Pinwheels at State Capitol
7:00 pm  United Nations Observance of Peace Day at State Capitol Speakers
8:00 pm $15 per person Fundraising dinner for Good Sheppard's Free Clinic @ Gre

Around the World- Peace One Day 15 years Celebration of Peace Day Observance


Today marks one month to Peace Day 2017! In just 30 days, schools, NGOs, corporations, individuals, and communities around the world will be coming together to mark Peace Day 21st September; a day of ceasefire and nonviolence. Very exciting!
This year marks the 15th anniversary of the first celebration of Peace Day as a fixed calendar day. To celebrate, we’ve been highlighting some of the brilliant work that has been achieved in newly released videos on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTubechannel. These films showcase pivotal moments in the journey to institutionalise Peace Day.  We hope they inspire you to generate action yourself, and to raise awareness for Peace Day 21st September 2017 amongst your family, friends, and community.
Please tell us about your plans for Peace Day 2017 here, so we can share your wonderful experiences of Peace Day to as many people as possible. 
With 30 days to go, it’s the time to get prepared - peace needs your support now more than ever. 
By working together we can make a difference. By working together we can create Peace One Day.  
Thank you for your continued support. Good luck!
In peace,
Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day
Highlights - 15 Years of PEACE DAYS
21 September
ART: DECOMMISSIONED M16In 2014, we asked world famous artists to use decommissioned M16 assault rifles to produce artwork, continuing the POD story of taking objects of war and using them in support of peace. The exhibition took place during Freize London, and the pieces were auctioned at Bonhams in aid of POD’s work. 
Peace One Day has enjoyed a strong partnership with Coca-Cola for over a decade and in 2015, Coca-Cola and Peace One day released a commemorative bottle with the message ‘Who will you make peace with?’. Coke Studio Africa also released the first ever Peace Day Anthem ‘ONE’ in 2015, written by Zwai Bala. 
On Peace Day 2016, we launched a 12-hour live global broadcast via Facebook – our loudest call for peace yet! It featured peacemakers from around the world hosted by Ahmad Fawzi, and included contributions from Jude Law, Jochen Zeitz, and Scilla Elworthy, and organisations such as Zumba, UNHCR and more. 
In 2010 we launched our free global peace education resources, available to schools and individuals around the world in the 6 official languages of the United Nations. The resources explore issues such as intercultural cooperation, conflict resolution, and bullying, and have been accessed by thousands of educators in nearly every country of the world. 
Just last year, students at South School Holbrook assisted in passing a bill through Massachusetts State government, declaring 21st September as the International Day of Peace in Massachusetts – an incredible achievement! More equally impressive commitments take place all around the world, and you can see examples of them across our social media. 
In the lead-up to our 15 year anniversary, we’ve been releasing a new film every other day, documenting the long journey Peace One Day has been on, and the efforts to institutionalise 21st September as an international day of peace and global ceasefire. Most popular have been the films on the role of music, the importance of filmJude Law and Jeremy’s trip to Afghanistan, and the influence of Ahmad Fawzi
For all the behind the scenes content from Jeremy Gilley and the Peace One Day journey follow
@JeremyGilley on Twitter, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.