Saturday, July 1, 2017

July update of OKC National Memorial Deep Listening and Dialog Experience

 1. Mr. A Jaye Johnson welcomes the opportunity to facilitate transportation and provide lunch for 30 Boys and Girls Club participants. YLOKC and adult facilitators will have to provide their own lunch and transportation. 
He is very happy to support any endeavor, Cyclone Mallory W. wants to undertake for Youth LEAD OKC. 

2. Mrs. Lynn Porter stated that the cost for the museum experience will be $4 per youth participant.  Adult chaperones will be admitted free of charge.  YMCA and Casady Service-Learning are possible sources of the needed funding.  Youth Leaders need to investigate discounted t-shirt prices for the group.  There are grants that will cover t-shirts as part of the celebration stage of service-learning projects.

3. When? The best possible dates in July for this experience -from the museum's perspective- are July 17th or July 18th.  Johnny L. is going to contact youth Leaders and Mrs. Porter for a date in early August.

How?  Possible Suggested Schedule

Youth Leaders arrive at 9:00 am to set-up the reflective Art experience and the Multicultural Dialog Experience.  Boys and Girls Club arrives at 9:45 for group pictures outside the museum

- 10:00-11:00      The Memorial guided tour by Park Ranger  
- 11:00-12:00      The Museum self-guided tour  
- 12:00- 1:00       Lunch catered by local restaurant  Youth LEAD reflective Art Experience
- 1:00-1:30         First Person Story and Oklahoma Standard from those who lived it  
- 1:30-2:30         Archives and Forensic Lab Experience  
- 2:30-3:30         Youth LEAD Multicultural Dialog/deep Listening Experience with food samples                            and drinks from local international restaurants or Youth Leaders
- 3:30-4:00         Time at the Museum Store, Group Picture. Transport to Boys and Girls Club

How Much?  Possible costs and/or in-kind donations
Museum Admission  $15 adults, $12 Youth  $7 Group cost for students  Update: $4 only.  YLOKC could request coverage of this fee from sponsoring organizations such as the YMCA, Casady Service-Learning, Common Ground, Mercy School Institute, YSA Grants
Meals  $10 lunch    $10 for International Samples unless donated   Boys and Girls Club will cover lunch costs for 30 club members.   YLOKC will have to cover lunch for teen facilitators and mentors.  
Costs of bus and bus driver for the day:  $100  Boys and Girls Club will provide transportation for the club members.  YLOKC members and mentors have to provide their own transportation or contact mentors if transportation is needed.

Cost of reflection supplies:  Casady Service Learning Program and other sponsoring organizations could be the source of funding.  Youth Leaders themselves could donate some of the needed supplies too. 

Oklahoma Standard t-shirt available for purchase at the Museum store  $25 If we contact the manager of the Memorial Museum Store, we can get group discounts.

New Youth LEAD OKC, Boston resource: Mentor Carmen Clay connected to the Hiatt Center at Beaver Creek Country Day School because Janet Penn, founder of Youth LEAD online had a fantastic experience with this center as a resource for TIDE 2016.  Update:  The directors of the Center are on Summer Break.  Mrs. Clay will reconnect when they are back in session in September.