Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Organizational Meetings and Fedex Time

Wednesday, June 14, 3:00-4:00 at Harper:  Mariam and Mrs. Clay met by phone to set-up a meeting on Thursday with anyone who is able to attend to look over the grant proposal for 9/11 and do a brainstorming for the strategic planning.  Coach B also wanted a meeting on Thursday at noon, but had to change it to 3:00 pm.  Agenda: YAC participation in the teacher in-service at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma on August 16, 7:30-1:30 pm

Thursday June 15, 2:00-3:30 pm  Grant writing with Stanley Hupfeld Academy and revise below agenda for Strategic Planning Date

1. Call to Order-Attendance

2. Old Business:  Safra and Mariam will provide the date for this meeting during the summer.

b. 8th-grade Connection Feedback/Reflection

c. Walk-A-Thon/YAC Activity: HALO Dogs at Casady Walk-A-Thon.  Thank you, Mrs. Titus for the contact and Miranda for the facilitation of the project.

d. Confirmation of 2017-2018 YAC officers (Planning Team/Executive Board)

*Co-PresidentsMarian and Safra
*Co-Vice-PresidentsSahanya, Katherine, and Ellie (by trimester order)
*Co-Secretaries: Malavika and Anna
*Co-TreasurersClaire and Saadia (YAC/Rainbolt Funding/grant writing)
*Social Media Manager: Hannah
*YAC Calendar Manager: Ahmed
*YAC Project Chairs: Slate for confirmation
Seniors: Safra and Marian (Peace 2017 Week and Blood Drive 2017), Gabrielle Moore(Project Then and Now and Global Youth Service Days), Mallory (Youth LEAD OKC, Global Youth Service Days), Zac C. (Best Buddies), Luke(Youth in Government), Sharun Philips (Project Then and Now, Projects with HALO and Humane Society)
Juniors: Sahanya (Casady Cans Do-Faculty at Food Bank-Boys and Girls Club Fridays), Katherine (Hope for the Holidays), Ellie (Perfect Pair), Mason T. (Art Connections to Peace Week 2017?)
Sophomores: Aaron(Wheelchair Track for Johnson Elementary), Ahmed (Johnson Elementary Connections: Advocacy, Fundraising, Mentoring), Ford and Jacob (Stanley Hupfeld Tutors, The Oklahoma Standard), Cooper (Rachel's Challenge), Ellie Taylor (Camp Anytown links to YLOKC)
Freshmen (?)

*3 Co-Hospitality Chairs:  Definition of office as well as who TBD
*Grade YAC Reps: TBD  Definition of office by Saadia  Who: TBD

3. New Business
a. Review of Calendar 2016-2017-Suggestion of days and times for drives for main calendar and Coach T.

1. Suggest the best time, day for YAC meeting 2017-2018 during school year.  Take the suggestion for Coach T's approval.  She manages the official clubs calendar.

2. Dates for Drives next year
-Casady Cans Do Food Drive-  October
-Hope for the Holidays Drive- December
-Perfect Pair Drive - March
-Best Buddies Drive  April
-Blood Drive Wednesday December 13, 2017 requested by David Crawford Account Consultant, Oklahoma Blood Institute, Office:   405.419.1356, Mobile:  405.250.9727
-Walk-A-Thon   April/May

b. Fedex Time/Strategic Planning  3 hours  
Leadership Compass/ Open Spaces/ Theme/ Calendar
How much?

c. Fedex Time/Strategic Planning: Peace Week 2017 via google hangout

d. August Activities
Open Houses for freshmen new students, teachers  
Service PD for Teachers at Food Bank
Welcome Back to School YAC Activity

4. Adjournment.  Next Meeting time, date, and location 

5. Updates