Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Preparing for Casady Peace Week 2017

Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum Peace T-shirt

Brainstorming PowerPoint for PEACE WEEK
Send ideas and names of possible Chapel speakers to

Members of the Class of 2019 Planting a Seedling of the Oklahoma Survivor Tree on 9/21/2011
United Nations OKC Planning Meeting for Observance of International Day of Peace and Peace Walk

7/1/2017 Update from Priya

Here is an update on the 9/9 event at the Turkish Cultural Festival. Kadir very graciously checked with the Myriad Gardens and they have approved our walk and Mrs. Maureen Heffernan with Myriad Gardens Foundation will be speaking at the event.

We should know more about the Capitol event soon. I will make sure to keep everyone updated. 

Thank you for your willingness to be involved in this year's peace day planning process.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Warmest Regards,
Priya M. Desai, M.S.W.
Peace Day 2017 Committee Planning

Meeting: June 26, 2017 Present: Priya, Michelle, Sinead, Misheala, Bill, Sarah and Kadir

Opening of meeting, Introductions, Discussed past events, Info on International Day of Peace.  


Peace Walk
  • To be held during the Turkish Festival on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 2:00pm. Thank you to our friends at the Raindrop Turkish Festival at Myriad Gardens.
  • We agreed that walking around the block this year would be better, then just the square lawn and end by the stage; Pending Permission.
  • Identified possible speakers: Maureen (Myriad Foundation), Mariana (Community Alliance), and Representative from Catholic Charities
  • Table for Pinwheels- We identified the goal of having 200 pinwheels at event to be designed.

Peace Day Observance – Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • Location: Capitol South Lawn [Pending approval]
  • Pinwheels- stick pinwheels
  • Speakers: 5 speakers; 3 min speaking allotment. We identified 5 speakers we would like to confirm with once we get approval of location; ACLU, CAIR, Sheri, Native Representative, Raindrop Turkish House Rep., Identified Candace Liger to ask regarding performing a poetry reading.

  • We agreed to set the goal of 200 designed pinwheels to be made at Turkish Festival.  
  • Invite organizations to create and design larger pinwheels.
  • Send Invite to the following groups to participate in pinwheel for peace initiative
    • Social Justice Organizations
    • School Teachers, principles, and art teachers
    • OKC Sister City Organization
    • Honorary General Consulate
    • WEF and other like organizations
    • OU, UCO, and OSU

  • We discussed the idea of ordering in bulk plastic pinwheels- this will allow people to use different color permanent markers to write message on pinwheels; quick and easy

  • We agreed on plastic pinwheels as the best option, as paper can get wet and flimsy.

  • We agreed it would be best to direct group participants to 1.) A how to video tutorial 2.) Direct to an already made pinwheel kit for the to design.

  • Discussed the possibility of this being a fundraising push- Such as sponsor your family for $______ to create pinwheel, ect.

    • What I learned from looking more into it is the $7/per unit price is for the Black pinwheel; Other colors are blue, light blue, purple, pink, red and yellow are $9/per unit
    • Also GREAT NEWS is we thought a unit was a dozen- but on the description it reports that 3 dozen per unit! )

Roles & Deadlines [Agreed to have these details identified and confirmed by the next meeting]

Kadir- Will request the approval from Myriad Botanical Gardens to do the Peace Walk; Will ask Maureen if she would like to be speaker again; Will allow us to use the Teacher email database.

Michelle- Contact Jackie about the process to host event on the Capitol South Lawn; Type meeting notes out; Look more into pinwheel options

Priya- Push out press releases, helping disseminate information to social justice organizations; Create summary information sheet; Ask Candace about performing poet reading at Peace Day observance event; will post events to Gazette, KOSU and KGOU calendars; outreach for speakers for capitol event (CAIR, ACLU, Sheri)

Sarah- Ask Mariana (Community Alliance) about speaking at September 9th Peace Walk event, Confirm Native Speaker for Peace Day Observance event, Inquire about using the social justice contact database.

Misheala- Contact networks at OU, TFA; Help with NPR radio advertising; Confirm speaker from Catholic Charities for Peace Walk.

Richard- can you create two simple flyers, one for the Peace Walk and the other for the Peace Day Observance? We kind of volunteered you because you are the best at it! ☺


  • Early July- Send out Summary Event info page
  • July 17th- Next meeting at 6:00pm at Raindrop Turkish House
August- First week of August create Facebook page for both events commemorating the International Day of Peace.  Send press release to news outlets