Thursday, June 15, 2017

6/15/2017 YAC Meeting Minutes


Meeting started at
-2:00 and ended at 3:00 pm.  Attended: Safra, Mariam and Mrs. Clay
-3:00-3:30 pm. Meeting with Coach Bonfiglio about YAC "role reversal" at teacher in-service day at the Food Bank

1. New Business

a. Service-Learning Brochure:  Mrs. Clay explained that the brochure is for internal use and the goal is to know what goes on at Casady in Community Service Learning.  The marketing department is revising it. YAC needs to create a brochure for recruitment and information. Secretaries should work on this during the summer and have it ready the first week of August for the Marketing Department to review it.

b. The Brochure's Calendar for YAC and YLOKC was reviewed in order to fit tomorrow's possible grant projects with existing initiatives. The final YAC calendar will be established after the FEDEX Time: Strategic planning.  We did not have enough planning team members to do so and the Calendar manager was not able to attend.
We realized project challenges and discussed a more integrated approach, where project chairs will have teams helping their efforts.  Mrs. Clay offered Open Spaces and Compass Leadership Competencies as possibilities to explore during the Fedex Time.  Check them out at


c. Safra and Mariam will use Doodle, Easy Scheduling to set up a day for the OPEN SPACE strategic planning that will bring as many of the members of the planning team to the table.  Sahanya stated at the end of the year that she would be interested in facilitating the Compass Leadership Competencies time to help create more integrated teams for the drives and learn about our personal leadership style and the leadership styles of others.

Old Business
Service-Learning stages and standards of best practices and stages were re-visited as YAC is a service-learning youth council.

Minutes of meeting with Coach Bonfiglio  3:00-3:30 pm

Meeting started at 3:08 and ended at 3:30.  Safra, Mariam, Mrs. Clay and Coach B. participated.

a. Faculty In-Service Day Opportunity for YAC to facilitate the experience

Monday, August 14: During Faculty Meeting and at lunch
At Faculty Meeting:
Coach B. asked if a couple of YAC planning team officers could facilitate
a.The introduction of the day at the Regional Food Bank.
b. Process of the experience
c. Role Teens will place in the service morning.
During lunch
Distribution of Casady Cares T-shirts to faculty
NEEDED: 2-4 Volunteers

Wednesday, August 16
-Faculty will have breakfast at Calvert
-Faculty will board buses to the Volunteer Center to pack food for hungry Oklahomans
-At the Food Bank, faculty will have a few minutes wait to get shift assignment from the volunteer coordinator. Faculty will seat in random order at tables with ONE pre-service dialog facilitator.  During the break, post service reflection dialog facilitator will request faculty to share how their expectations have been met during the first service shift.

NEEDED 15-20 volunteers to facilitate a pre-service reflective dialog at the tables  at random order.  The training of the pre-and post reflection facilitators will take place during breakfast the day of the service day.

Safra and Mariam feel that the challenge will be to get the high number of volunteers needed for Wednesday.  We might talk to Coach T. and the Gales sponsor to see if they could help.    The incentive besides service hours are
1. Free t-shirt
2. Breakfast and Lunch with faculty
3. Opportunity to meet faculty from all divisions
4. Opportunity to "feel important" facilitating meaningful dialog