Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo: Rain Barrel, Water is Life Project

Sunday, May 7th
Attend the Cinco de Mayo Festival:  Explore cultures in our backyard @ Plaza Mayor at Crossroads
(Sunday May 712-9pm) Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads
Highlights: Horse parade: 12:00, Ceremony: 7:00pm

Why do you need a rain barrel?

- Help the environment by collecting rainwater from roof and gutters. 

- By holding back rainwater during a storm, rain barrels help lessen pollution, erosion and flooding. 

- With less rainwater running-off the land, less pollution flows into our creeks and rivers (which are the sources of our drinking water).  

- Collecting and using your rainwater saves money on your water and sewer bills. 

- Use the rainwater to water lawns, gardens and landscaping, fill fountains and ponds, and wash cars and other items.
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Water is Life


One of the Casady rain barrels will be a grateful gift to Centennial High School Community Garden. Students and teachers traced and decorated 1,100 hands, a matching donation of $2,900 through the Bezos Foundation to the Global Youth Service Day Project facilitated by YAC Junior Project Chairs, Gabrielle M. and Mallory W.  Casady-OKC Caring Hands.  The total matching donation of over $4,800 will provide resources and programs to teens in Nicaragua and Indonesia to provide them tools to live on more than $1.90 a day.

Water is Life